WWE Superstar Jack Swagger’s Marijuana Arrest

WWE Superstar Jack Swagger’s Marijuana Arrest

0 By Terrance Pryor

What will happen to WWE’s Jack Swagger following his arrest?


If you’ve haven’t heard by now, WWE Superstar Jack Swagger was arrested on Tuesday evening for marijuana possession, speeding and DUI. While the WWE’s only comment to TMZ (for now) was “Mr. Swagger is responsible for his own personal actions.”, there’s surely going to be strict punishment (read: possible termination) for his actions.


WWE Superstar Jack Swagger's Marijuana Arrest - Jack Swagger Mugshot


Marijuana possession is no stranger to former WWE star (and current TNA X-Division champion) Rob Van Dam. “The Whole F’n Show” was on top of the WWE in 2006 holding both WWE and ECW Championships simultaneously. That all came to an end with his arrest for marijuana possession in July 2006. He wound up dropping both titles instantly and was suspended for 30 days. Other wrestlers such as Evan Bourne and former WWE star Brian Kendrick were also suspended for failing the company’s marijuana test (Kendrick has reportedly tested positive for marijuana over 12 times). Swagger has also been in trouble for marijuana use in the past which makes his current situation much more severe.


WWE Superstar Jack Swagger's Marijuana Arrest - Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter


Swagger had been in the middle of a huge “de-push” last year, and was hardly involved in any storylines or title pictures. He stopped appearing on TV completely before Christmas last year, and rumor has it he was fed up and ready to leave the company. Vince McMahon reportedly convinced him to stay, and he has since teamed with manager Zeb Colter, utilizing a fairly racist “We The People” gimmick, directed towards Alberto Del Rio and berating immigrants in general. To everyone’s amazement, Jack Swagger pinned Randy Orton in the recent Elimination Chamber match to gain entry to Wrestlemania 29 in a match against Del Rio, which is why it’s surprising that Swagger would jeopardize his good fortune with such mindless behavior.


WWE Superstar Jack Swagger's Marijuana Arrest Zeb Colter Swagger


With Wrestlemania 29 coming very soon, this type of thing isn’t what any wrestler would want to go through. Swagger is scheduled to face Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship, but that could all change with this news. What exactly will happen to Jack Swagger following this incident? Will the WWE somehow work this into his ongoing feud with Del Rio? If Swagger somehow misses Wrestlemania because of this, who will take on Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship?