WWE Recap: SmackDown 9/23/2011

WWE Recap: SmackDown 9/23/2011

1 By Jason Matthew

The September 23, 2011 episode of WWE SmackDown started with John Laurinaitis talking about how he had changed his mind, and Triple H had not lost control of the WWE. He then introduced World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry.

Henry talked about how the other Superstars never believed in him. He talked about how it took him 15 years to be champ, and it’ll be 15 more years before it gets taken from him. Then he was interrupted by Triple H. Before he could grab the mic and speak, Christian appeared and attempted to get one more match…again. He talked about how Henry wasn’t marketable and didn’t deserve to be champion. Triple H then continued his legacy of giving heel wrestlers squash matches, and put Christian in a Lumberjack match against Mark Henry on this episode of SmackDown.


Sheamus vs. Heath Slater
Who do you think won this match? Sheamus destroys Slater in about 4 minutes, hits him with the Brogue kick and gets the 3 count.


Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel


Backstage: Christian tried to get the Great Khali on his side for the Lumberjack match.

Barrett started off solid in the beginning in this match, but Gabriel came back and the match went back and forth a bit before Wade hits Gabriel with the Wasteland and gets the pin.

Backstage: Randy Orton talks to Matt Striker about his upcoming title match at Hell in a Cell.

Christian tries to get Ezekiel Jackson’s support, but messes up when he points out that Jackson had never been World Heavyweight Champion.


Divas Match: AJ and Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya
Once again: who do you think won this match? Despite AJ and Kaitlyn being much more interesting, they basically got destroyed in this match before AJ gets hit with Beth’s Glam Slam and lost the match. Beth and Natalya are basically now the Diva version of Mark Henry… yawn.


Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes
This match actually got pretty nuts by the end. Rhodes’ baggers hand out paper bags to the audience. Orton tosses Rhodes through the ropes, but then Cody comes back and starts beating the hell out of Orton’s leg.

The ref reminds Rhodes that he can’t use his mask as a weapon. Rhodes waits until the ref inevitably turns his back and uses it. Orton goes nuts and starts beating the hell out of Rhodes with his own mask, ending the match with a DQ.  He didn’t stop there, throwing him outside, hitting him in the head with the timekeeper’s bell, opening a wound on Rhode’s head that had blood gushing everywhere. Randy looked like he just murdered someone, screaming like a madman as his whole upper body was coated in Cody’s blood. Then he RKO’s Cody through the announce table.


The Great Khali vs. Jinder Mahal
In a funny SmackDown backstage moment, Christian tried to win over Sheamus by giving him a potato. After Christian left, he spat it out in disgust, claiming that it wasn’t from Ireland, but IDAHO!!!

As for Khali Vs. Mahal, does anyone truly care about this match? How is Khali not fired from WWE yet? By far the most boring wrestler on the roster. Anyway, Khali actually got a win here against Mahal.


Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan
The announcers go back and forth debating which Sin Cara was in the ring with Daniel Bryan, real Sin Cara or fat, English speaking imposter Sin Cara. After a bit of back and forth, fake evil Sin Cara came out and attacked real Sin Cara, allowing Bryan to get the win.

Backstage: Christian tried to gain Zack Ryder’s support, but he claims as SmackDown Assistant General Manager it would be a  “conflict of interest” if he helped him.


Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston vs. Jimmy and Jey Uso
Tag team champions Air Boom (ugh, hate that name) fought the Usos next on SmackDown. Some back and forth before Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise, setting Bourne up for the Air Bourne, ending the match.


Christian vs. Mark Henry- Lumberjack Match


WWE SmackDown 9/23/2011


WWE SmackDown 9/23/2011 Henry Orton


The SmackDown roster surrounded the ring as lumberjacks for this main event.

Mark Henry dominated as expected. Christian gets beat down, but comes back for a bit with two dropkicks from the top rope, finally knocking Henry down. When Henry slides out of the ring, everyone jumps him, but of course Henry is supposed to be superhuman so he throws all 20 guys off of him. Ha.

Christian tries to leave the match, but Sheamus appears and throws him back in. Henry quickly pinned Christian for the win. Orton comes out and dropkicks Henry through the ropes, looks angry and that’s the end of SmackDown.