League of Legends- Wukong, the Monkey King: Early Impressions

League of Legends- Wukong, the Monkey King: Early Impressions

3 By Michael Uy

I recently purchased the newest champion to be released for League of Legends: Wukong, the Monkey King. Yes, the champ is based on the totally cool god-like character in the Jackie Chan/Jet Li movie, The Forbidden Kingdom. If you’re a fan of kung fu movies and cool mythological characters like this, this is the toon for you. It was for me!

I’m not really all that used to playing champions that uses attack damage instead of ability power. I was intrigued by the tricks Wukong might be capable of so I decided to save up to buy him.

The ability that really interested me was Decoy. It allows me to leave a copy of myself while turning invisible. I can either run away or circle around for a flanking strike.Wukong turns out to be quite a versatile toon to play with. Decoy works out exactly how I hoped it’d be, at least, against bots. Humans, not so much as it can be a tad predictable. Phreak demonstrates the myriad of maneuvers available with this ability in the video.

I’ve found that the champ also scales well from the early game all the way to the end game. His strikes aren’t all that strong to begin with, unless you load up on some damage runes. Even then, his most powerful strike doesn’t come until level six with his ultimate.

Early game harrassment is pretty easy with Wukong. I picked the summoner spells Flash and Ignite. With Flash and getting boots early, he becomes pretty hard to kill for the enemy.

However, once you have all of your abilities, the combo possibilities are endless. It makes the character a heck of a lot of fun.

He can build however you want him to. As Phreak mentions in the video below, you can go tanky with your build. I prefer a more balanced build, leaning more towards damage dealing with a little bit of staying alive. Offtank. It really depends on what kind of team you end up with.

I’m still a lot noob with him. You’ll be shouting for me to uninstall the game if you play with me, but I’m up for a good time if anyone wants to hit me up for a game.

Oh, and hopefully you’re good, because I am very bad. I’m not even kidding. I want to try the monkey king out against some real people this time. I promise I’ll do my best.Below is the Champion Spotlight for Wukong.