WrestleMania XXVIII Live Blog

WrestleMania XXVIII Live Blog

0 By Jason Matthew

Are you ready for the biggest WrestleMania of all time? Rock Vs Cena. Jericho Vs CM Punk. Taker Vs Triple H II. It’s going to be madness. We’ll be watching and updating this blog throughout the proceedings of WrestleMania XXVIII.




Wrestlemania XXVIII 28 Wallpaper



Currently watching the pre-show.
I’m excited about WrestleMania XXVIII  because I honestly can’t call who will be winning. I truly believe Rock and Cena could go either way. I think the streak is legitimately in jeopardy. I’m not sure who will be crowned Best In The World. Should be exciting!

Here we go, the show is starting!

Didn’t know Lillian Garcia sang. She’s good!


Wrestlemania XXVIII 28 AJ Lee Sheamus Daniel Bryan Sheamus



WHAT??? Sheamus Brogue Kicks Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds and wins.


Wrestlemania XXVIII 28 Sheamus Brogue Kick Daniel Bryan 18 Seconds



Here comes Kane vs Orton.

Kane beats Orton after a choke slam! That’s two outcomes I didn’t expect.

Here’s Big Show Vs Rhodes. I think Rhodes will win this.

Surprise! Big Show gets it done.

Here’s the Divas match. Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix and Eve.

I think K2 and Maria will win.

Well I was right about this one. Maria and K2 win. Sweet moves by Kelly!


Wrestlemania XXVIII 28 Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly


Here comes The Undertaker vs Triple H!! Sweet goatee JR!

This is going to be so sick!!

Awesome Shredder jacket and entrance Taker !

Taker debuts his shaved head.
I think something will happen in this match like a no contest.


Wrestlemania XXVIII 28 The Undertaker VS Triple H



Crazy spine buster on the steps by HHH!!

Taker wins!!! 20-0!! Amazing match.
This match was NUTS!!!!!
Taker and Shawn carrying Triple H out.


Wrestlemania XXVIII 28 The Undertaker Triple H and Shawn Michaels



Please let Team Teddy win! I can’t take Laurinaitis on both shows.

Nooooo!! Damn you Eve for costing Team Teddy the match.

Here’s Jericho Vs Punk. I’m going for Y2J.


Wrestlemania XXVIII 28 Chris Jericho VS CM Punk



Punk wins via Anaconda Vise!

Wow Flo Rida is lame. Backing track playing in the back, what are you Ashley Simpson?
Here it is… Cena Vs Rock!


Wrestlemania XXVIII 28 The Rock VS John Cena Once In A Lifetime



Rock wins with a Rock Bottom!! Awesome match! And that’s it for WrestleMania XXVIII!