Would You Watch Avengers 2 If Roles Were Recast? It Could Happen

Would You Watch Avengers 2 If Roles Were Recast? It Could Happen

1 By Jason Matthew

We could see a new actor playing Thor, Black Widow or even Hulk in The Avengers 2, if Marvel doesn’t pay up.


It’s been public knowledge for some time now that Robert Downey Jr. earned an extravagant salary for Marvel’s The Avengers. Original rumblings were that he took home 50 million, but after all has been said and done with DVD and Blu Ray sales apparently he’s made roughly 70-80 million for the film, which grossed 1.1 billion. He’s already made 35 million from Iron Man 3, and reports say that his total income for that film will exceed even his insane Avengers payday.


Iron Man 3 Robert Downey Jr The Avengers 2


That’s great news for Downey Jr., but understandably some of his castmates are pretty upset at the favoritism. Sure, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man is a big draw, but are Chris Hemsorth’s Thor and Chris Evans’ Captain America chopped liver? Marvel seems to think so, as their salaries (along with most of the rest of the cast) were infinitesimally small compared to Downey’s, around $200,000, or 4-5 million when all is said and done. Even with Downey’s huge paychecks for his Marvel flicks, he’s been showing hesitation about returning to the character now that his contract has expired.


Obviously Marvel knows that he’s a huge draw, or they would never have signed his enormous paychecks. Apparently it will take even more money to get him to return for more comic flicks, but it seems he’s none too pleased with the treatment of his colleagues, either. Deadline is reporting that source close to Downey says, ““He’s the only guy with real power in this situation. and balls of steel, too. He’s already sent a message that he’s not going to work for a place where they treat his colleagues like sh*t.”


The Avengers 2  Scarlett Johansson Black Widow


Downey has himself publicly said about his huge payday, ”I’m what’s known as a strategic cost,” and has said that Marvel is “so pissed” he was able to negotiate that much out of them. It’s kind of amazing actually, considering that Iron Man was only a semi-popular character in the Marvel Comics world before the movies hit, at which point he became the centerpiece of the Avengers franchise.  As it stands, Downey is the only actor that Marvel will bend over backwards to appease.


It’s good to see that he’s standing up for his fellow actors, but what if Downey doesn’t return himself? Then the actors will not have any sort of bargaining chip. Marvel has threatened to sue and recast actors before, and apparently they’re already throwing their weight around with Hemsworth in particular, who made over 5 million on Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman. At this point it’s looking as if he might be recast for The Avengers 2, and Scarlett Johansson says that she will not return for the money she got in the first film. Mark Ruffallo’s Hulk/ Bruce Banner may be in trouble as well, as even though his interpretation of the character was the most critically acclaimed, the part has been recast twice in the past.


The Avengers 2 Thor Chris Hemsworth


It seems that Marvel believes people will come see their characters at the cinema no matter who is portraying them. However, it’s my feeling that each of these actors are extremely well cast, and the public identifies the actors with them at this point. Throwing some new actor in a blonde wig and shoving a hammer in his hand will not make him Thor, not after Hemsworth’s (by the time of Avengers 2) three film stint as the character. Part of the charm of the first Avengers film was how well the actors played off each other, and by the end of the film they had a camaraderie. Recasting roles would certainly give the sequel an unnatural and awkward vibe. But who knows? Spartacus managed to overcome the death of its main actor, and the show remained as popular as ever until it aired its final episode recently.


What do you think? Would you watch The Avengers 2 if some of the cast members were different? Would it be worse off? Or do you think that some of the actors should be recast? Let us know in the comments!