Wolves Like Us- “Late Love” Review

Wolves Like Us- “Late Love” Review

0 By Jason Matthew

Norwegian hardcore punk band Wolves Like Us storms onto the scene with their debut album “Late Love“. So are they worth checking out?


The album kicks off with “Burns Like A Paper Rose“. a cool track with some nice riffs and a great groove. The singer has an interesting voice, and gives the track a haunting feel.┬áThe next track is “Deathless“, which is the lead single off the album. Another solid track, and after listening through this track I can’t help but hear a bit of a similarity between this band and At The Drive-In, although honestly I prefer this singer’s vocals. The guitars and drums have a bit of a live-recorded feel to them, but are spruced up with just enough production to make them shine. This track does a great job of transitioning between atmospheric, melodic sections and hard-hitting hardcore breakdowns.


“Sin After Sin” , “Old Dirty Paranoia”, and “Secret Handsakes” follow a similar, melodic nature. “Shiver In The Heat” switches things up, with a fast drum fill in the beginning, segueing into what sounds like Pennywise track, keeping a quick, hard-hitting pace until breaking off at the end into a strange-yet-cool, atmospheric, almost Fear Factory digitized outro.



“To Whore With Foreign Gods” caps off the album, with a nice, melodic, clean guitar intro, building into fuzzed-out distortion and back again. The whole track has great atmosphere, and the singer’s vocals go back and forth between bellowed screams and melodic cleans, adding some great dynamics to the track. The song closes out with a cool rain and thunder fade out.

Overall, while not the type of music I listen to everyday, I definitely enjoyed this album, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Wolves Like Us bring in the future.


[easyreview title=”Wolves Like Us- Late Love Review” cat1title=”Music” cat1detail=”A solid punk/ hardcore release that features melodic cleans and hard hitting guitars and drums throughout. The songs don’t change it up much, but the band knows its strong suits and plays to its strengths well.” cat1rating=”4.0″]