UPDATE: Winner Announced! Win A Copy Of Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines Steam PC Version

UPDATE: Winner Announced! Win A Copy Of Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines Steam PC Version

14 By Jason Matthew

UPDATE 2: Congratulations to the winner, Michael Uy! 

Here is his winning comment to the question, ” What is your favorite PC game of all time and why?”

“Hands down best PC game ever: Starcraft.

The game blew our collective undearwears off our crotches back in 1998 and the sucker went on gaming for over a damn decade. Here’s the wiki. I won’t bore you guys with the details.


The reason why I hold this PC game so near and dear to my heart is the simple reason that this was the game that *forced* me to learn how to network PCs together for some multiplayer action.

Sure, Battle.net existed already, but this was back in the late 90’s early 2k’s. LAN party days, etc. Having our own LAN meant that I and seven of my closest friends can sit in a room all night and scream obscenities at each other as their dragoons march stupidly over invisible lurkers in single file over IPX/SPX networking.

Friendships were forged, ultra-competitiveness of some people were exposed.

Alcohol flowed over games of Big Game Hunters (or the more tame original version of the map) and of course the cops were called by the neighbors on more than one occasion.

And then, when you think you’ve had enough, you shelf the game along with all the other classics you’ve retired. Then six months to a year later every one of your friends has that Starcraft itch to scratch.

Years later, with every home having their own 2 or 3 PC LANs going being a commonplace thing, I still have Starcraft: Broodwars installed and ready to go on my home network.

Also, almost 10 years after the original’s release I found myself on a layover in Incheon Airport in South Korea. I was bored and found an internet connection and thought: “Hey! I’m in Korea!”

I fired up Starcraft. It was already pre-installed, what?

Immediately I had a throng of Koreans looking at my game and telling me in broken English how wrong I was.

Yep. Starcraft. Best game ever. FTW.”


For Metal Arcade’s first contest ever, we’re giving away a copy of the legendary game Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines for PC on Steam. This game has made many website’s and magazine’s top 100 and even top 25 PC Games Of All Times lists. It’s even regarded by many as a worthy spiritual successor to Deus Ex, which is saying quite a lot. In the June 2011 PC Gamer, they had this to say about the game in its Best Games For Under $20 article:

“Only one game has earned the right to be seen as a potential successor to Deus Ex, and that’s Bloodlines. Troika’s dark, supernatural RPG/shooter hybrid. The shooting side is weak, but the RPG elements make up for it with a cast of amazing characters and genuinely unsettling opportunities for evil. Make sure you install the fan patches though- it’s a fixer upper.”

By the way, that mentioned patch is located here for the winner and anyone else who owns the game’s reference.

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Here are some screenshots from the game.