White Arms Of Athena- Astrodrama Review

White Arms Of Athena- Astrodrama Review

6 By Jason Matthew

White Arms Of Athena’s Astrodrama is not the type of metal I usually find myself listening to. I’m not a huge fan of the progressive metal style, with its constantly changing tempos, complex structures and odd time signatures. However, I am a fan of this album.


The band undoubtedly shares more than a passing similarity to Between The Buried And Me, which is really the only negative; they should try to find their own identity on the next record. However, BTBAM is not a bad band to be compared to; White Arms Of Athena certainly shares with that band a very high quality of musicianship.



From the intro track Evince, the drumming is hard hitting, the guitar work is blazing and fascinating, and the vocals go from guttural screams to emotional, harmonized melodic cleans and back again in the whole of 30 seconds.  Creationed is mostly a straight metal track, with a lot of atmosphere thrown in, alternating between crushing heaviness and spacey melody, with some jazz peppered throughout.


Recreationed starts off almost sounding like pop punk, and  segues between genres for most of its running time. Crown Chakra is a very interesting instrumental track, with impressive drumming, guitar and bass work throughout. Astral Body is next, another instrumental with some very nice atmospheric work. In The Encephalon is yet another (neat) instrumental that starts with a sick drum fill and some awesome riffing, followed by some atmospheric jazz, and by this point I had begun to wonder if the singer quit the band halfway through recording the album.


He comes back on Superhuman, spending his time here mostly on melodic vocals. It’s a cool track that almost sounds like a different band. Astrodrama marks the return of quick tempo and signature changes. From Now On follows a similar pattern, with a  fake-out ending midway through, and a hidden track a few minutes later. It’s an acoustic, melodic outro.


White Arms of Athena has caught my attention; this is a very high quality debut from the promising technical/ progressive outfit from Mesquite, Texas. If you’re a fan of the genre, I highly suggest you pick it up!



[easyreview title=”White Arms Of Athena- Astrodrama Review” cat1title=”Music” cat1detail=”The band definitely pays homage to BTBAM, but crafts a fine, well produced and mixed release that can stand on its own. A good debut album that would be well followed by an album where the band stretches its creative boundaries a bit.” cat1rating=”4.0″]