Watch For It: Upcoming iOS Games

Watch For It: Upcoming iOS Games

0 By Nate Gray

Here are just a few of the indie games coming soon to iOS platforms, set to make waves with the unique interpretations of their genres.


With its ever-growing fan base and library of affordable, quality games, Apple’s iOS has become a popular platform for indie teams to develop for. In no particular order, here are just a few of the indie games coming soon to iOS platforms, set to make waves with the unique interpretations of their genre.




From developer OEFun, Konductra‘s blending of puzzle and tower defense mechanics on a checkerboard might seem like an odd amalgam of elements, but there’s a distinct level of strategy involved in setting up a board while simultaneously fighting off monsters threatening your combos. Couple with the fact that several pieces must be placed at once, and players will have to think far ahead if they want to stay in the game, planning for both the pieces they need and those they are willing to lose.





Watch For It Upcoming iOS Games - Mewgenics


I can’t even begin to fathom how and when cat ladies became pokemon trainers, but I’m thankful for it. The upcoming sim allows players to foster and nurture kittens into large, slightly monstrous cats in very Tamogachi-esque fashion, only to put them to battle against other cats with potentially macabre consequence, if Team Meat’s past is any suggestion. Players will also be able to purchase wares, upgrade their living space, breed their cats, and watch terrified as their kitties kill each other in and out of battle.




Watch For It Upcoming iOS Games - Limbo



The award-winning puzzle platformer Limbo is finally making its way to the iOS. While there have been many attempting to capitalize on the success of the game, some in very blatant fashion, there is no comparing with the original, set to release on July 3rd across a wide range of iOS-compatible devices. The dismal atmosphere of the game is exceeded only by its charm and unparalleled atmosphere.




Few games manage to garner awards and attention with little if any actual gameplay footage. Faraway has a lot to live up to, its trailer artfully posing a philosophical question against a beautiful, moody backdrop. The game is set to star (pun intended) the player as a comet, weaving through the stars and creating complex constellations. Faraway is unique in its context, instilling a mere ‘glint’ with a desire to find meaning in its very short life by reaching for that which seems far away.


The Witness


Watch For It Upcoming iOS Games - The Witness



An ambitious 3d puzzle game, The Witness is a first-person exploration game where the player takes the role of a nameless inhabitant on an otherwise empty island. Throughout the island are mazes, puzzles and even bits of audio that flesh out the island’s (and hopefully the player’s) existence. Born from ‘Braid’ designer Jonathan Blow, The Witness promises an immersive and non-linear world for the player to explore and learn the mysteries of.