WASTER – Thunder Pit Album Review

WASTER – Thunder Pit Album Review

3 By Jason Matthew

WASTER, a metal band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is basically Black Label Society with Phil Anselmo singing. That’s not an insult, it’s actually pretty damn cool.



WASTER’s new album “Thunder Pit” starts off with the title song, which is a blistering southern metal track heavily reminiscent of Pantera. Vocalist Nick Wiebe’s Anselmo-style vocals are well suited here. The band’s lead single “Rocket Rider”, is up next, and is a bit of a slower, groovier track. It’s on this song that the band’s Black Label Society influence kicks into high gear. You can hear a great Zakk Wylde style solo in the final chorus from guitarist Michael Fardoe.



“Forty Creek and 40 Speed” slows things down even more, and has some catchy riffing and drum and bass grooves. I really dig the guitar and drum syncopation near the end. “So Devil” picks things up again with an aural assault and some great guitar and drum work. The album’s closer, “Tongue Cancer”, is more of an atmospheric groove metal track in the vein of Down. It’s a perfect opportunity for some melodic lead guitar work, so I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t hear any, but it’s a cool track regardless.


The only real complaint I could come up with is that the album is mixed way too loud, and suffers from “Death Magnetic” syndrome- there’s audible distortion and hardly any dynamic range. It’s just not necessary- there’s a reason speakers have volume knobs. Besides that, I’d just like to see the band expand their horizons a bit on their next album; while all of the songs on “Thunder Pit” are good, some of them start to blend together after continued listening. If you’re a fan of southern metal, especially Pantera or Black Label Society, I would definitely suggest checking this album out.


[easyreview title=”Waster- Thunder Pit Review” cat1title=”Music” cat1detail=”Well done southern groove metal, with a lot of Black Label Society influence and Phil Anselmo style vocals.” cat1rating=”4.0″]