WAKFU- New Archipelago Nation Unveiled

WAKFU- New Archipelago Nation Unveiled

0 By Jason Matthew

Square Enix has released some screens for the new nation Sufokia in its new MMORPG WAKFU.


From the press release:


“A lush, paradise-like archipelago, Sufokia is also very mysterious and dangerous.  Sufokia’s beautiful beaches are swarming with Albatrocious, an ill-tempered bird of great misfortune, and its turquoise waters are filled with Zordfish, who skewer many an unwary adventurer.  And, do not be fooled by the seemingly simple-mindedness of Bernardo del Reya, he is far more devious than he appears!


Fortunately, Clan Members are available to help newcomers to the shores of Sufokia.  Jonk Ussack will introduce players to the Village of Sufokia; Malosinus holds the key to the Way of the Powder; and, Billon Stroud manages the vast area known as The Saltwaters.


From its treacherous sandy beaches, mysterious ruins and even fearsome sea monsters, Sufokia is sure to provide countless hours of additional adventure.  Players will have a chance to experience Sufokia first hand in the next beta patch for WAKFU available on October 26.”