Twisted Metal Multiplayer Beta Gameplay And Impressions

Twisted Metal Multiplayer Beta Gameplay And Impressions

0 By Jason Matthew

We recently played a few rounds of Eat Sleep Play’s Twisted Metal reboot for PlayStation 3, and came away thoroughly impressed. As a longtime fan of the series, I’ve been eagerly anticipating getting my hands on this title. I wanted to see what series creator David Jaffe and his team could do with the power of the PlayStation 3.



From the minute you boot up the demo, you can see Jaffe’s wild imagination brought to life. The twisted visage of series icon Sweet Tooth greets you at the menu screen, and within moments you’re leaping headfirst into a chaotic 16 player warzone. Even with 16 players and a ton of destruction happening onscreen, I noticed no slowdown whatsoever. The game is more interactive than ever before, as you can drive through buildings, knock down trees, run over pedestrians and more.



The demo includes 8 vehicles, and I got to try out a few of the cars as well as the awesome helicopter. You have your requisite machine gun with infinite ammo, and you collect power-ups throughout the levels. A special , such as a missile or flamethrower, recharges over time. It could be said that the frenzied multiplayer is a bit like jousting, with players rushing and shooting at each other head-on, then quickly braking and spinning around for another pass. In traditional Twisted Metal fashion, you can ram your opponents for damage, but I imagine the size difference between the Semi and motorcycle would be something players should take into account.



The controls are definitely tight, but take a little getting used to this time around. You have more abilities than in previous Twisted Metal games, and the counterpoint to this is that it’s kind of necessary to go through the game’s tutorial mode. Plunging headfirst into the riotous multiplayer is a big risk if you don’t have the controls down pat, and with 16 players battling it out, it’s not a great time for trial under fire.


Twisted Metal will be available exclusively on PlayStation 3 on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.