Trine 2 Review

Trine 2 Review

0 By Jason Matthew

In 2009 Atlus released the critically lauded 2D puzzle platformer Trine. Now a few years later, developer Frozenbyte has unleashed a sequel in Trine 2. How does it stack up to the original? It’s even better.



When I first booted up Trine 2, I was taken aback by how gorgeous the visuals were. The environments are wildly varied and bursting with detail and incredible lighting effects. The colors are vibrant, and little details like god rays shining through tree canopies and refracting off of the beautifully rendered water will have you constantly stopping to marvel at Trine 2’s graphics.



The gameplay hasn’t changed a whole lot from the original Trine, but it has been refined. You travel through fantasy landscapes, battling goblins and solving puzzles to beat each level. You need to constantly switch back and forth between the game’s three characters, each of whom have their own specialties. The wizard can create blocks and levitate objects, the female thief can swing with a grappling hook and shoot arrows, and the knight is mostly for battling goblins and breaking obstacles, with his sledgehammer and sword. The puzzles are rarely frustrating, and uncovering the solution always leads to a great “a-ha!” moment. There also are multiple ways to get past most obstacles, depending on which character you favor.



The game would benefit from having a bit more of an in depth tutorial, however; there were a few times when I was stumped on a puzzle and randomly figured out my character had an ability I was unaware of.¬†Unlike the first game, you can now play online multiplayer. You can also play using the drop in/ out coop that was featured in the first Trine. It’s always good to have more than one mind working out a puzzle, just like in Portal 2. The game could well be summarized as a mix between that game and LittleBigPlanet.



If you’re fan of puzzle games, you should absolutely pick up Trine 2. The fantastic visuals, refined gameplay, and fun multiplayer will more than give you your money’s worth, and work out your brain a little bit in the process.




[easyreview title=”Trine 2 Score” cat1title=”Gameplay” cat1detail=”The gameplay is much more refined and polished than the first game. A few puzzles got frustrating since the game doesn’t teach you every possible solution.” cat1rating=”4.5″¬†cat4title=”Graphics” cat4detail=”Incredibly impressive- one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played, and that’s saying something.” cat4rating=”5.0″ cat5title=”Sound” cat5detail=”Decent voice acting and a great score.” cat5rating=”4.5″ summary=”4.5/5 Superb”]