Top 5 WWE Stars of Feb. 2013

Top 5 WWE Stars of Feb. 2013

1 By Terrance Pryor

Who were the top 5 WWE stars of February?


February is gone, and it’s time to look back on 5 WWE stars that really made an impact last month inside of the ring (and sometimes outside of the ring).


5) Zack Ryder


Top 5 WWE Stars of Feb 2013 - Zack Ryder


Name one other WWE Superstar that had a song hit the iTunes charts this year besides Long Island Iced-Z. You simply can’t. While Zack Ryder’s in-ring presence was very scarce (as usual), his track “Hoeski” landed on the iTunes Top 100 pop charts on the same day it was released- peaking at #89. Not bad for someone who keeps getting buried by his own company on a daily basis.


4) Naomi


Top 5 WWE Stars of Feb 2013 - DIvas Naomi Funkadactyls


Naomi, one half of the Funkadactyls, really impressed everyone with matches against Tamina Snuka and former Divas Champions Alicia Fox and Natalya. The former Orlando Magic cheerleader got heads turning at the TLC PPV back in December and has pretty much put the Divas division on notice. Hopefully this string of victories will lead to a future shot at the Divas Championship in the future.


3) Mark Henry

Top 5 WWE Stars of Feb 2013 - Mark Henry


Mark Henry has been out of action since May 2012, and nobody knew exactly when the former World Heavyweight Champion was going to strike. Unfortunately for Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, Henry’s return meant absolute pain and punishment for them. While The World’s Strongest Man didn’t get the job done at the Elimination Chamber, it didn’t stop him from completely destroying everybody in the ring. The World title scene has officially been shaken up in 2013. Move to the side, Ryback. Henry wants to be fed, too.


2) Zeb Colter


Top 5 WWE Stars of Feb 2013 - Zeb Colter


Zeb Colter (a.k.a Dutch Mantel) made his shocking return to the WWE as Jack Swagger’s manager. His views on anti-immigration and racism sparked a ton of talk around the internet but it wasn’t until Glenn Beck (a.k.a. the Chris Brown of political commentators) decided to tear apart the WWE and called the talent and its fans “stupid wrestling people”. Colter responded by breaking character (along with Swagger) to put the douche in his place and invited him to air his grievances about the WWE on Monday Night Raw. Like a coward, Beck turned down the offer, further solidifying himself as nothing more than a spineless fool.


1) Tie -John Cena and CM Punk


Top 5 WWE Stars of Feb 2013 - John Cena Vs CM Punk


This is a tie because of their 5-star main event match on Raw last week. This was one of the best matches seen on Raw in years (some calling it the greatest main event in Raw history) and could have easily been mistaken for a Wrestlemania match. Both stars gave the WWE Universe an instant classic (piledrivers and hurricanranas FTW) as John Cena pulled out the victory.