TMNT Season Finale Airing August 8th On Nick

TMNT Season Finale Airing August 8th On Nick

0 By Jason Matthew

 Nickelodeon will be showing the final episode of TMNT Season 1 tomorrow at 8 PM.


Nickelodeon has announced that the one-hour Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 1 finale will air on August 8th at 8 PM. This special TMNT episode sees the Turtles assaulting the Kraang headquarters at TCRI to shut down a portal to Dimension X. In this episode, called “Showdown”, Roseanne Barr lends her voice to the villainous Kraang Prime, leader of the Kraang species from Dimension X.


Nick has also announced a new mini-game on their website, called Heist in a Halfshell. In the game, Robo Chefs have taken over the TMNT’s favorite pizzeria, and it’s up to the Turtles to stealthily avoid the robots while picking up the ingredients for their pizza.


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