Thor: The Dark World – Trailer Analysis

Thor: The Dark World – Trailer Analysis

0 By Jason Matthew

 We discuss the first trailer shown for Thor: The Dark World, opening in the US on November 8th.


The first trailer for Thor: The Dark World has officially arrived. This international trailer is being shown with Iron Man 3, and features returning stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings, Tom Hiddleston and Jaime Alexander. It’s cool to see all the main leads as well as the female secondary characters return, since many times actors are changed or characters are written out entirely.



The first thing you’ll notice about the trailer for Thor: The Dark World is that it feels much larger and more epic than the first film, as well as a bit darker. There seems to be a bit of a reversal this time around from the first film, in that it appears to largely take place on Asgard with a few bits of Earth being attacked. It seems that The Avengers’ blockbuster status and box office pull has bumped up the budget for this sequel substantially.


It appears that Loki is being held in some sort of Asgardian prison cell, dressed in strangely Earth-like clothing, when Thor comes asking for his help against the film’s villains. It should definitely make for an interesting begrudging team-up, like we’ve seen so many times in the comics with Spider-Man and Venom. Jane Foster seems to be in serious trouble near the end of the trailer, as Thor drops to his knees in anguish. Is it possible that her character will die in this movie?


Thor: The Dark World opens in Europe in late October, and will be brought to US soil on November 8th. The film will be available in 2D and 3D formats.