This Week On WWE- Wrestling Review

This Week On WWE- Wrestling Review

2 By Jason Matthew

Last night’s RAW was pretty decent. The WWE is still dragging out the reveal of “who’s the bad guy pulling the strings behind the curtain”. John Laurinitis is probably just a red herring, as he is just too obvious. I’d really like them to wrap this story up already, and I hope it doesn’t turn into another RAW Anonymous General Manager situation, which went on forever and seems to have just been swept under the carpet.


CM Punk and Del Rio got in each other’s face, with Del Rio calling him a loser perro and telling him he’s not worthy of a title shot. I like Del Rio, he’s a great heel and he looks like Alec Baldwin’s Generalissimo on 30 Rock. It’s funny to think that he was a face when he wrestled in Mexico.


This Week On WWE- Wrestling Review Alec Baldwin Generalissimo
Michael Cole randomly jumped up on his announce table with a mic and started calling out Jim Ross, who he claimed had been tweeting mean stuff about him all night (what is the WWE’s obsession with Twitter?). So he jumped up and directed everyone’s attention to the big screen, where he showed off pics that Jim Ross supposedly tweeted while drunk. They were just really bad Photoshops of Ross in humiliating situations. The cheerleader one was pretty funny. Cole is going to have one more match against Ross, in something he’s calling the “Michael Cole Challenge”. He claims that if he loses this match, he’ll retire, but God knows that will never happen. Cole is a plague that has descended upon us for all of our sins.


This Week On WWE- Wrestling Review michael cole-WWE

Also, the Muppets are coming to RAW next week. I really have no idea how this is going to work. I mean, they can’t very well be in the ring since the puppets need some guy’s hand up their ass at all times. Will it all be backstage segments? We’ll have to wait till next week to find out, though I’d love to see Cole beat up by Muppets. I’d love to see Cole eaten by locusts.
Triple H came to the ring last night and talked about how after 20 years of friendship, Kevin Nash broke his heart. Of course, Nash came out and hit Triple H from behind with a sledgehammer, then as he was being put into an ambulance, picked his stretcher up and threw him flat on his face. Obviously someone caught him off-camera, because Triple H’s mile long nose would have have been a mangled, bloody mess.


This Week On WWE- Wrestling Review Triple H Attacked By Kevin Nash-WWE


Kind of random, but has anyone seen the E:60 ESPN episode with Scott Hall that aired last week? I had no idea the guy had fallen off the wagon so badly. He looks like 80 years old. If you missed it, check it out here:



Apparently, at Vengeance, they re-did the thing where two huge dudes go up on the turnbuckle, pull a suplex and the ring explodes. When I saw the replay on RAW I just kind of went “meh”. If you don’t remember Big Show and Brock Lesnar did this in 2003, I’m still not sure if it was real then or not, although you did hear Taz say “Holy S***” during that match.


This Week On WWE- Wrestling Review Henry Big Show Ring Break-WWE

The biggest news of the night was at the end when Cena realized he could choose whoever he wanted for a tag team match at the next pay-per-view (which is five seconds away from the last one). He sat there for a second thinking, and then shouted “THE ROCK” and spat some nasty s*** all over the mic. He let it hang there for like 5 seconds, it was gross.


This Week On WWE- Wrestling Review Cena and The Rock-WWE


Sin Cara Negro wrestled Sin Cara Azul in a Mask Vs. Mask match, and Negro lost. They always make a big deal out of these matches, and I could see why last week because they were in Mexico, but the WWE acts like being unmasked is the biggest embarrassment one could experience (worse than being paper bagged?). Maybe it is in Mexico, but when you sign up for the WWE you better damn well know that they are going to unmask you at some point. And probably put you in some bad gimmick that actually will embarrass the s*** out of you.


This Week On WWE- Wrestling Review Shockmaster


Oh, and I might as well just start a weekly list of who violated the Wellness Policy or got fired. This week was “Mr. Excitement”, the “Life Of The Party” Heath Slater. Last time it was Sin Cara. What’s with all these small dudes getting busted for roids? I’m pretty sure these guys aren’t taking them properly. It’s funny to see Heath Slater busted, when you see all these monsters, like Mason Ryan and Cena and Triple H walking around and apparently passing it?


Anyway, see you here next week when the Muppets take over on Halloween…