Third Brigade- Some Of Us Even Have Pets Album Review

Third Brigade- Some Of Us Even Have Pets Album Review

0 By Jason Matthew

Third Brigade’s second album pays homage to their American hard rock heroes.


Third Brigade is a Norwegian hard rock band, and their newest album, Some Of Us Even Have Pets, certainly has style. The band claims to be influenced by American bands like Deftones, Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Thrice. How do they measure up to their American heroes? Quite well, actually.



The first track, “Welcome”, is just a short track that sounds like it was recorded in a club, with Third Brigade plucking their guitars and getting ready to take the stage as a crowd chatters around them. The juxtaposition of this live-sounding track next to the album’s true opener, “The Other”, really highlights the album’s high production values. The mix makes every element stand out well. The bass is heavy yet clear, and never muddy. The drums, guitars, and vocals all have a great sheen to them, and all the elements have great separation. “The Other” features some catchy guitar riffs and drum grooves, as well as great vocal harmonies. “Eline’s Song” starts out sounding a bit like old-school AFI, but segues into its own style shortly, with a cool chorus and great guitar and drum work.


Third Brigade Some of Us Even Have Pets Review


“21/22” sounds a bit like A Perfect Circle or Tool, with drum and bass syncopation starting off the track. It goes off a bit into a bit more atmospheric of a sound, before exploding midway through into a hard rock chorus. It then goes into a cool breakdown reminiscent of late 90’s Rage Against The Machine. The whole song does a great job of going back and forth between light and hard rock elements. “The Cocktail” is a neat track that reminded me almost of 90’s Soundgarden or perhaps Stone Temple Pilots. “I Don’t Regret It” has a very memorable, harmonized chorus, and some great drumming throughout. “Down With A Smile” starts off with a riff reminiscent of the intro to the Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black”, and then the vocals come in with some distortion, obviously a bit inspired by Deftones. It’s a slow burning track that makes you anticipate the inevitable rock explosion to come, and sure enough everything moves into a hard rock feel midway through.


“The Accident” is a bit out of place, but a cool track nonetheless. It’s a short acoustic piece, where Third Brigade brings in some additional orchestral elements. “Streetlight Silhouette” marks a return to the band’s hard rock leanings. Once again, there’s solid work throughout, with great vocal melodies , guitar riffing and stellar drum work.


The album closes out with a bit of a slowed down, unplugged version of “Eclectic You (Nachspiel Version)“. It’s nice ending to a pretty great hard rock outing from this promising Norwegian outfit. Third Brigade does a solid job of adding elements from classic hard rock bands like Deftones and Tool and adds in their own style. Anyone who is a fan of this genre should pick this up.


[easyreview title=”Third Brigade – Some Of Us Even Have Pets Review” cat1title=”Music” cat1detail=”Third Brigade pays homage to its American hard rock heroes on their second album, and does a damn good job. They still manage to imbue the disk with their own style, however. Solid musicianship throughout, featuring some very memorable riffs and choruses.” cat1rating=”4.0″]