The Wolverine – International Trailer

The Wolverine – International Trailer

0 By Jason Matthew

The International trailer for Hugh Jackman’s The Wolverine is finally here.


The first trailer for The Wolverine is here, and it looks pretty awesome. We’ll keep our expectations dialed back a bit after the massive disappointment that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but it seems like the crew behind this is really trying hard to right all the wrongs from that film. The story seems interesting, as well- it takes place in modern-day Japan, with some flashbacks apparently. Someone finds a way to make Logan mortal, to end the suffering and loss he’s endured outliving all of his friends and family. You can even see a Jean Grey cameo in this trailer.




UPDATE: The US Trailer has been revealed as well. This trailer is almost completely different from the international version, so be sure to check it out!



The end of the trailer simply says “Coming Soon In 3D”, but we’re assuming The Wolverine will be a tentpole summer blockbuster.