The Walking Dead: “Welcome To The Tombs” Review

The Walking Dead: “Welcome To The Tombs” Review

2 By Jason Matthew

 “Welcome To The Tombs” is an unfortunately unsatisfying conclusion to Season 3 of The Walking Dead.


Note: Full spoilers for the episode follow.


While The Walking Dead‘s Season 3 finale was pretty decent, it simply did not feel like a finale. When it rather abruptly ended, I found myself asking, “That’s it?” There just was not a lot of resolution to the overall story arc in this episode. With a climax hinging on Andrea’s death, it just fell painfully short of a satisfying conclusion.


The Walking Dead- -Welcome To The Tombs- Review - The Governor with Gun


Yes, Andrea finally bites it this week. Or perhaps I should say, Zombie Milton bites her. It seemed like half of the episode was wasted trying to build tension from the beginning segment where The Governor stabs Milton repeatedly, and leaves him to die in a room with a tied-up Andrea. Just like with Merle last week, he doesn’t give him the mercy of destroying his brain, but rather uses him as a weapon against what may be The Walking Dead’s most hated character (now that Lori is dead). She’s tied up, trying to get a hold of some tool to free herself before Milton comes back. She wastes plenty of time talking to pre-zombie Milton, pausing continuously for no good reason. Then, of course, she dropped the tool. By the end of this whole eye-rolling trope-filled segment I was praying for her death, and I literally clapped when she revealed her bite. It should speak volumes of how terribly her character was written that I was more upset at racist douche redneck Merle’s death last week.


David Morrissey’s The Governor had some of the strongest writing in this episode. I loved his back and forth bit with Milton in the beginning, when Milton asks him what his daughter would think of what he’s become. His response? “She’d be afraid of me, but if I’d been like this from the start, she’d be alive today.”


The Walking Dead- -Welcome To The Tombs- Review - Rick Grimes


The Governor’s attack on the prison was pretty fun. I thought there’d be more to it, though. The Governor’s crew rolled in and blew the prison halfway to hell with grenade launchers and high-caliber machine guns, but fell into Rick’s carefully laid traps inside. Before long the inexperienced townspeople tucked tail and ran, before being gunned down in cold blood by The Governor for their cowardice.


It seemed like everyone was bashing Carl shooting the surrendering soldier, but was he really surrendering? It was a bit odd how Carl told him to drop the weapon, and yet he was slowly maneuvering to hand it over to Carl. With tensions being as high as they were, and The Governor being as diabolical as he is, I can see how Carl would believe he was doing the right thing. I can’t say I would have done it any differently in his position. His talk with Rick afterward about how he stepped up and did what had to be done (unlike his father’s constant hesitation) definitely shows that he’s grown a pair. I’ll admit I was hoping Carl would become a zombie meal in Season 2, but he’s come a long way.


The Walking Dead- -Welcome To The Tombs- Review - Tyreese


The Governor’s massacre on his own people was definitely shocking, but it also felt a bit odd. For one thing, why did no one attempt to fire back at The Governor? The one guy that finally did, when everyone else was dead, was so painfully slow on the trigger that it felt unrealistic. This guy had a gun aimed at The Governor with his trigger finger ready, and yet he was still slower on the draw than Phil. It would have been more believable if the guy at least got one shot in at him before his death. The Governor is becoming unkillable, and they’re starting to write scenes unrealistically just to allow the feud to continue a bit longer. Also, it seemed really odd that Martinez wouldn’t stand up to The Governor after all that senseless murder. It seemed like he had a bit of good inside him when he talked to Daryl in “Arrow on the Doorpost”. Maybe he’s just waiting for the right time to strike? Hard to say, as he didn’t have a lot of compassion for his fellow soldiers in other episodes.


And that’s one of the biggest downfalls of the episode. The Governor doesn’t get any real comeuppance. He doesn’t go back to his little town, and he doesn’t come back to the prison. Where the hell is he driving to? It felt like the writers just didn’t know how to resolve this so they just hoped everyone would forget about his whereabouts halfway through. Well, we didn’t.


Nothing felt really impactful this episode of The Walking Dead. From Andrea’s anti-climactic death (that we all were rooting for), to The Governor’s random joyride, to Woodbury’s townspeople showing up to the prison since they had no place else to go. At least Michonne is becoming more likable, as she was trying way too hard to be the silent badass at the beginning of this season. She’s much more relateable and cool now, and I’m glad that this season didn’t leave me wishing for her death as well.