The Walking Dead: ‘Save The Last One’ Review

The Walking Dead: ‘Save The Last One’ Review

0 By Jason Matthew

Jon Bernthal’s Shane does a fantastic job at toying with the viewer’s emotions until the well done final scene in this episode of The Walking Dead.


Warning: This review contains spoilers.


After a great season premiere (you can read our review here) , I felt as though last week’s episode of  The Walking Dead was pretty slow and barely moved the story forward. I didn’t even write a review as I felt as though it  wasn’t worth the effort. Last night’s episode, “Save The Last One”, however, got the new season back on track and was quite possibly the series’ best yet.


The Walking Dead: 'Save The Last One' Review -Shane and Zombies


“Save The Last One” opens ominously with a shot of Shane shaving his head and looking as if something has made him snap. We find out by the end of the episode what has caused this, and it is bookended very well, with a very shocking final twist. It showed just how dark Shane could still be, and contrasted very much against Rick’s more straight and narrow, by the book morality. In Shane’s mind, Otis was expendable when it came to “the greater good” and getting those necessary medical supplies to Carl for his surgery. Would Rick have gone as far as Shane did? Perhaps not. Or perhaps we’ll see a darker Rick Grimes emerge as things get more bleak. It’s almost a Heavy Rain-type message- how far would you go to save your son?


The Walking Dead: 'Save The Last One' Review Shane and Otis


We also see in this episode how depressed Lori Grimes is becoming. When seeing her son suffering and convulsing on an operating table, she questions whether it would be better if he just died. Would it be better for for his suffering to end now? Rick answers that when Carl awoke briefly, he spoke about how beautiful the deer he saw was- not about zombies or getting shot. In Rick’s mind, this was a sign that they had to push on, that they couldn’t give up hope yet. Out in the woods, Andrea encounters a hanging zombie who attempted to kill itself after being bitten- all of the flesh on its legs had been eaten by other walkers. She pondered to Darryl about whether she wanted to go on living in such a bleak world, and even Glen was praying to God for the first time in his life.


The Walking Dead: 'Save The Last One' Review Shane Hallway


I also like how The Walking Dead is deviating quite a bit from the comic. At this point, Shane’s character has already died in the comic, and Otis lived longer than he does on the show. It gives the show a great dynamic, and it keeps even those who read the books on their toes; no one knows what to expect. I was a bit confused as to why Shane shot Otis in the knee rather than the head- there seems to be some debate going on as to whether the walkers will go after a dead body. Seeing Otis torn apart really made Shane seem purely evil, but he was just trying to get those supplies to Carl, right? Or was he just trying to save his own ass?


The Walking Dead: 'Save The Last One' Review Shane shirtless mirror


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[easyreview title=”The Walking Dead Season 2  ‘Save The Last One’  Score” cat1title=”Writing” cat1detail=”May be the most well written episode of The Walking Dead yet, with great bookending and shocking finale.” cat1rating=”5.0″ cat2title=”Acting” cat2detail=”This is mostly Shane’s episode, and Jon Bernthal does a fantastic job at toying with the viewer’s emotions until the well done final scene.” cat2rating=”5.0″ cat3title=”Entertainment”  cat3detail=”I was on the edge of my seat for most of this episode, especially at the end. You truly never know what to expect when watching this show, and that’s rare these days.” cat3rating=”5.0″ summary=”Outstanding”]