The Last Of Us Brady Games Strategy Guides Available For Preorder

The Last Of Us Brady Games Strategy Guides Available For Preorder

0 By Jason Matthew

Brady Games has developed a comprehensive companion strategy guide for Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us, available in both Limited Edition and Signature Series versions.


Naughty Dog has unveiled the strategy guide for The Last Of Us, which was made in close collaboration with Brady Games and is now available for preorder. The guide comes in two flavors: the standard paperback guide, and a hardcover version with an exclusive Fireflies pendant and a deluxe finish. According to Naughty Dog, creating the guide took two trips to their studio, sixteen days of playtime and many back and forth discussions, is “the most comprehensive look at The Last of Us you’ll find outside the walls of Naughty Dog.”


The Last Of Us Brady Games Strategy Guide


The Last Of Us will be launching in just two days, on June 14th, and has garnered countless perfect scores from the press. You can preorder The Last Of Us here and you can preorder the guide from Brady Games here.



The Last of Us Limited Edition Strategy Guide

  • Exclusive Fireflies key chain pendant – show that you’re a part of the Fireflies.
  • Collectible hardcover strategy guide with deluxe finish.
  • Full walkthrough with illustrated maps of every area in the game.
  • Tips and tactics for using every weapon and ability.
  • Complete character biographies and supplemental story information.
  • All of the expert tips and strategies from our Signature Series Strategy Guide.
  • Detailed appendices for in-game enemies, equipment, weapons, and collectibles.

The Last of Us Signature Series Strategy Guide

  • This game is strategic as much as it is action. Players must master stealth gameplay and an unconventional approach to find objects to prevail. We provide those critical tactics.
  • Exclusive access to the Naughty Dog team provides insight into the rich story and character development of this complex game.
  • Walkthrough details path of progression, enemy encounters, useful objects, and the unfolding drama.
  • Character profiles and descriptions of all the people you’ll encounter throughout Joel and Ellie’s journey.