The Haunted Returns With New Members

The Haunted Returns With New Members

0 By Jason Matthew

Swedish metal band The Haunted have announced their new 2013 line-up, including Feared and Six Feet Under guitarist Ola Englund.


Swedish metal band The Haunted has been dormant for quite awhile, but they’ve announced their return with a revamped line-up. Former vocalist Marco Aro has joined up, alongside Feared and Six Feet Under guitarist Ola England and original drummer Adrian Erlandsson. The line-up changes happened around autumn of 2012, and The Haunted has posted an announcement video featuring the new (and returning) members.


The Haunted Line up 2013 Ola Englund


The Haunted line-up 2013:

(From left to right in above picture)

Jensen – Guitars

Ola Englund – Guitars

Marco Aro – Vocals

Jonas Björler – Bass

Adrian Erlandsson – Drums


Check out the below video for new interviews and some new rehearsal room footage from The Haunted.



Founding band member and guitarist Jensen commented about the recent developments:

THE HAUNTED went through some difficult times last year. Losing three band members is a pretty huge blow to any band. Jonas and I agreed immediately that we wanted to continue with the band, but we wanted to take our time and not rush into anything. Meanwhile, news from THE HAUNTED’s camp has been pretty scarce. This changes starting today. We are very happy to be able to present you a full band line-up. Some of you might recognize a few faces, some of you might not. Adrian Erlandsson is back on drums and Marco Aro is back on vocals. Adrian you might know from playing on our first album and Marco sang on ‘The Haunted Made Me Do It’, ‘Live Rounds In Tokyo’ and ‘One Kill Wonder’. On guitar we also have Ola Englund bringing some pretty heavy chops to the band.


We’re all VERY excited about having THE HAUNTED back in working shape again and we can’t wait to get back out on the road to play for our very patient and faithful fans again. A new album is also already in the works and if you are familiar with the individual band members of this new line-up, you can be assured that the new material will grab you by the throat from the get-go!


A huge ‘thanks’ goes out to all the people that responded to our call for new members applications. You put a lot of time and effort into your auditions and we are very grateful to have had such talented and cool people wanting to join the band! We truly appreciated your support!”


The Haunted will be announcing a new album and touring plans soon.


 THE HAUNTED online: