The Flash #1 Review – The New 52

The Flash #1 Review – The New 52

1 By Julian Titus

The Flash hearkens back to an era when it was ok to have fun with the concept of someone with superpowers.


The Flash #1
Written by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art by Francis Manapul


Many of the New 52 comics have had a decidedly darker edge to them. While I’m not complaining at all, there’s something to be said for a superhero book that is unapologetic about the fact that it’s about a guy who puts on tights and fights bad guys. The Flash hearkens back to an era when it was ok to have fun with the concept of someone with superpowers. This issue does something that very few of the New 52 books do, and that is bringing you, ahem, up to speed with the character. It was odd to have Green Lantern not have the obligatory “I’m Hal Jordan, and I’m a Green Lantern” type of information that almost every one of his books opens up with. But on the first splash page for The Flash, we’re told exactly who this is, what he can do, and how he got his powers. That was most welcome for me as a reader, because I have almost zero experience with The Flash. Any time that I read about him, it was in an issue of Impulse (an awesome DC book inexplicably stricken from the record for this new universe), so giving me a nice introduction to the character was much appreciated. This book, like so many of the other New 52 books I have read, ends in such a way that I want to come back next month to see what happens, and that’s something that comics have kind of gotten away from in recent years. The Flash was a book I added to my list at the last moment before the new books shipped, and I’m glad I did. Definitely check it out if you’re interested at all in the new DC books.


The Flash Number 1 The New 52


The art by Francis Manapul is very nice, as well. I talked about it already, but that splash page is a thing of pure energy and beauty, and it really got me into the world of The Flash. This is a character that demands good panel to panel work, and Manapul has that in spades. He somehow even managed to make a page where Barry Allen is in his lab doing forensic work look interesting, which recalls the paperwork scene from Hot Fuzz. This is great stuff from a fresh artist. I can’t wait to see more.