The Evil Within: The Consequence DLC Review

The Evil Within: The Consequence DLC Review

0 By Rick Bakker

The Consequence, the second installment of DLC from The Evil Within, has arrived to conclude the parallel story of Juli Kidman and her struggle to balance her mission from the unseen “agency” and helping her fellow friends trapped in Ruvik’s nightmare. Following the excellent previous installment The Assignment, The Consequence continues a satisfactory exposition of story and tension-filled atmosphere, however, its shift to a heavier emphasis on action makes it less compelling than its predecessor as it hits some of the pitfalls that plagued the main game.


The game picks up right where The Assignment left off, with Kidman realizing that the agency that has employed her and sent her into Ruvik’s world is, of course, not what they seem. The intriguing plot has been the high point of The Evil Within’s DLC so far. While the main game’s story was convoluted and cryptic, the DLC’s plot has remedied that and given fans of the game a clear picture as to what was truly happening to Sebastian from the outside viewpoint of Kidman. Conversely, by the completion of The Consequence, you will understand the confusing motives of Kidman as seen by Sebastian during the main game. For fans of The Evil Within, the DLC is worth the price of admission just for the explanation of the confusing main game plots.


The gameplay of The Consequence remains similar to the previous installment, with an emphasis on hiding and sneaking around your enemies. Just like The Assignment, it creates a much more intense atmosphere than the main game, as any face to face encounter with an enemy spells certain death. The game also gets creative in its ways to scare you, as one impressive sequence has you navigate an entire level in almost complete darkness. Some of the grotesque monsters from The Assignment, such as the spotlight monster, return to corner and terrorize Kidman.


For the majority of the game, Kidman’s flashlight and “shout” ability are her only weapons. However, as teased in the trailers for this episode, Kidman will get her hands on weapons in The Consequence and have the ability to finally fight back. Unfortunately, this doesn’t end with an empowering feeling for the player, as the same visual and control issues that plagued The Evil Within since release rear their ugly head once weapon mechanics are brought to the forefront.


For the uninitiated, the issues are a terribly close fixed camera, cutoff widescreen presentation, and floaty controls. These issues aren’t game-breaking but they will pull you out of an otherwise very engrossing and compelling experience. However, the fact that these issues could very easily be fixed by a downloadable patch makes these issues even more annoying.


Technical issues aside, The Consequence is a memorable and enjoyable experience for Evil Within fans. With 8 hours of gameplay between the 2 episodes, the experience has added up to a great value and one of the better uses of DLC for a single-player game in quite some time.