The Dark Knight Rises – Second Opinion

The Dark Knight Rises – Second Opinion

0 By Zach Kircher

The Dark Knight Rises is a fitting end to possibly the best superhero trilogy of all time.


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The Dark Knight Rises isn’t quite the achievement that its predecessor was, but that should not drive you away from this superb film. Yes, it has its minor issues with length, exposition and it doesn’t quite reach the same thematic depth of the previous films, but this is still a great film in its own right.


The Dark Knight Rises Bane VS Batman Tom Hardy Christian Bale


The fantastic direction of Christopher Nolan and great writing from David S. Goyer managed to develop the large amount of characters and also keep the story at a fast, intense and undeniably enjoyable pace. Speaking of which, the new characters are awesome! Sure, Bane doesn’t quite match up with The Joker, but who freakin cares? He’s a great villain, trust me. Tom¬†Hardy’s performance is excellent (you can actually hear him as well, which is a definite bonus), and so is Anne Hathaway’s, surprisingly enough. Hardy is as menacing as he needs to be while also having a comment or two on modern society, and Anne Hathaway is of course sexy, crafty and sly in her accurate depiction of Catwoman (finally).


You know what? I don’t need to tell you how great the cast is; this is a Christopher Nolan film, so of course you can expect the cast to be great. The visuals are fantastic, Christopher Nolan’s direction is perfect, Wally Pfister’s cinematography is Oscar-worthy and Hans Zimmer once again delivers on the musical side of things. Also, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character? I won’t spoil what he’s like, but let’s just say he is one of the best things about The Dark Knight Rises. Yes, this film has problems getting started since exposition slows down the film in the beginning with all of the new characters, and I felt that this also took away some chances for this film to have thematic depth like The Dark Knight.


The Dark Knight Rises Anne Hathaway Catwoman


As a result, The Dark Knight Rises feels much more like a comic book film rather than a full blown crime drama like its predecessor, but nonetheless, the final Batman film from Christopher Nolan is nothing short of spectacular. With a successful amount of buildup, improved action scenes, outstanding production values, clever writing, Nolan’s visionary direction, along with a perfectly epic and emotionally resonant ending, The Dark Knight Rises is a fitting end to possibly the best superhero trilogy of all time. Perhaps one of the greatest trilogies, period!

4.5 /5