The Best Batman Cosplay Ever

The Best Batman Cosplay Ever

5 By Jason Matthew

Talented ex-Hollywood artists have created one of the coolest Batman cosplay costumes ever, taken from Rocksteady’s Arkham City design.


Just in time for Halloween, a bunch of talented ex-Hollywood artists came up with the idea to bring the Batman: Arkham City BatSuit to life. Their creation is quite awesome, and surely took a lot of man hours. The fruit of their labor is the best Batman cosplay we’ve ever seen.


“All of us agreed that this was the best movie suit never done as well as the entire game being the film we all wanted to see,” said Lisa Alvarez on The Effects Lab, a special effects/ make up forum. Alvarez  owns XworkZ studios special effects company. In our opinion, this is a really great mix between the film suits and Rocksteady’s game design. It clearly wasn’t a low-budget endeavor, either.


This was a labour of love that came from years of reading comics and wishing that the character we loved as fans would show up on the screen. It took the incredible game design of Rocksteady studios to finally kick start the project and what you see is our prototype. We used all of our teams experience working on similar designs for major motion pictures, to come up with what we see as a starting point for the direction we think most fans would love to see the franchise go. We feel we have at least started to shed some light on the reality that the character as we know it, can be done true to the books, and doesn’t always need to be dressed in black to succeed with the audience.


Check out the awesome shots of it below. Do you think the team has gotten close to Rocksteady’s Arkham City design? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


The Best Batman Cosplay Ever -4 Arkham City Costume


The Best Batman Cosplay Ever -  2 Arkham City Costume


The Best Batman Cosplay Ever -3 Arkham City Costume


The Best Batman Cosplay Ever - 1 Arkham City Costume


Batman Arkham Cosplay 6


Batman Arkham Cosplay 5