The Avengers – Second Opinion

The Avengers – Second Opinion

1 By Zach Kircher

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The Avengers – Second Opinion- Zach Kircher


To put it plainly, this is one of the best superhero films ever made. There, I said it! I guess there’s not much I can say that hasn’t already been said about this spectacular movie, but nonetheless, The Avengers was everything that I had hoped it to be, and Joss Whedon accomplished all that he had set out to do in the production of this film. The heroes previously seen in Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger are all back to inevitably team up and fight against arguably the greatest threat the world has ever known, which is Loki (god of mischief/brother of Thor) and his terrifying army of alien invaders. Although the idea of the world coming under threat by aliens (along with some extraordinary, but otherwise certifiably insane people coming to protect humanity) is something that has been done time and time again, Joss Whedon managed to make the premise of this film feel fresh and new once again, which is probably due to the fact that we haven’t seen a film quite on this scale before. I mean, the action sequences are so incredible that you likely won’t see a film this awesome, exciting and satisfying for a very, VERY long time.


The Avengers Review Captain America on Car New York Attack


However, this is not like the Transformers trilogy in which the only good parts about the film are the action and special effects (which are also amazing, by the way), for Joss Whedon never forgot the humanity of the heroes that teamed up in this film. It’s also nice to see that every Avenger gets his/her due in this film due to balanced narratives, hilarious dialogue and outstandingly heartfelt performances from the stellar cast, and The Hulk? As Jason said, this is truly the best Hulk film to date (mostly in part to Mark Ruffalo… good job, man!), even though he is sharing his greatness with the other Avengers. By the way, if you see this in 3D, you likely won’t be disappointed because even though The Avengers was post-converted (aren’t all films nowadays?) to 3D, the action felt more immersive and the image looks sharper on screen.



I could go on, but let’s just say that Joss Whedon’s cinematic take on The Avengers is one of the best action, superhero and science fiction films ever made. It’s not quite an astonishing classic like Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, but it is definitely way high up that ever growing list of great superhero films in my opinion. Now, I’m just wondering if The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises can live up to their immense hype as well.


5/5 – Masterpiece