The 3DS Price Drop- What Are Your Thoughts?

The 3DS Price Drop- What Are Your Thoughts?

1 By Jason Matthew


If you haven’t heard by now, the internet is ablaze with Nintendo mockery after the news that they are cutting the price of the 3DS by $81- about 40%- just 6 months after launch. It seems that $249 was just too much to ask for a flashy system with not many games- and more being canceled left and right.


Nintendo smartly has a contingency plan in place for early adopters of the system (who are rightly furious about this price drop). It seems that Nintendo will be giving 20 free Virtual Console games- 10 of which will be exclusive to early adopters, like Super Mario Advance 4, Metroid Fusion, and Yoshi’s Island.


This news comes shortly after Capcom caught a lot of hatred for basically insta-outdating its own game with Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. After BS-ing fans for months about DLC coming out for vanilla MVC3, they reneged on that statement and now all the DLC will be exclusive to Ultimate MVC3. Point being,  it seems that companies are practically asking consumers to hold off on buying their products, until it either drops in price, or a Super Duper Mega Ultimate Arcade Edition is released.



It seems that this is partially to compete with Sony’s Playstation Vita, supposedly due out this fall, which was also retailing for $250.


What are your thoughts? Were you waiting for the inevitable price drop, or have you picked up a 3DS at full price already? Are you holding out for the Vita, or do you just not care about handheld games? Let us know in the comments below!