Teen Wolf Season 3 – Recap And Predictions

Teen Wolf Season 3 – Recap And Predictions

0 By Kayla Herrera

Here’s a recap of Teen Wolf Season 3’s events thus far, as well as our predictions for the action-packed supernatural thriller.


After the debut of the first season of Teen Wolf on MTV, many were floored at the action, suspense and sexy performance of the supernatural thriller. Originally thought to be another rip-off of the Twilight series, Teen Wolf turned out to be as far from a Twilight werewolf as you could get.


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Scott McCall and his buddy Stiles were two ordinary boys trying to survive high school, until one night when they went out sniffing for adventure. Stiles’ father, the Deputy Sheriff, was called out to search for a dead body in the woods. Looking for trouble, the two followed behind the search party and made their way into the woods. Stiles was caught and he covered for Scott as Scott continued wandering in the woods. He stumbled upon one half of the body and was attacked by none other than a werewolf. Left with only a scratch on his side, he ignored it. And the rest is history.


In Season One, Scott and Stiles deal with Scott’s new transformation and it leads to the opening of a whole new world of creatures skulking in the darkness; not just werewolves. When the alpha, Derrick, starts expanding his pack, Scott separates himself. One of his friends, though bitten, doesn’t follow the usual transformation.


The whole of Season One and Two is Scott finding himself, as a werewolf, and discovering who he is and who he can be. With his girlfriend on opposite sides as part of a family of hunters, things get interesting pretty quickly. And the seasons end with a bang.


Season Three is the start of a new year and a new Scott—and new enemies. MTV doubled the order of episodes in comparison to past seasons, totaling 24 episodes instead of just the standard 12. Scott, Stiles and his father are hot on the scent of a serial killer leaving a trail of sacrifices, all similar in execution. Not only does the sweat of an unknown killer hang in the air, but a new alpha is in town and he means business. Derrick and his pack fight desperately to throw him off with Scott trying to help, but he appears to be far too strong.


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Barely halfway into the season, a number of different story lines remain open-ended with the over-arching question: who is the serial killer? There are plenty of hints in the episodes leaning towards maybe a druid? I honestly have no idea who it could be. I want to predict it is a character we have yet to meet. I want to say it is something supernatural, but not of the werewolf kind. It is hard to predict what sort of creature they will introduce next after last season’s lizard king. Scott and his ex-girlfriend, Allison, are growing closer after their break-up over the summer and I whole-heartedly predict they will get back together. But since she has joined the fight with her hunter skills, I believe at some point her life will be put in danger and Scott will be forced to choose. I am interested to see where the season will go with its mystery killer and I expect a main character death by the end of the season.


Packed with thrills, suspense, drama and even gore, Teen Wolf has proven itself far beyond any typical MTV show. With over 1 million viewers every week in the demographic of those age 12-34, Teen Wolf is in competition with other successful supernatural thrillers like Supernatural and Vampire Diaries. In a press statement, David Janollari, Head of Programming for MTV, said, “Teen Wolf represents a terrific foray into the scripted world for the millennial MTV audience, and marks tremendous success in the continued diversification of our schedule.”


You can catch a new Teen Wolf every Monday at 10/9c and catch up on what you missed on Hulu.