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Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Review

By Jason Matthew
A lot of noise has been made recently about Capcom’s tactics regarding paid DLC for their games. The latest turmoil was over the fact that 12 extra characters were found on Street Fighter X Tekken‘s retail disk, but would require…

Wreck-It Ralph Has Gamers Thrilled

By Kayla Herrera
If you take pleasure in gaming and haven’t heard of the animated film Wreck-It Ralph yet, get ready to be excited. Walt Disney Animation Studios’ film has already received a multitude of attention with the debut of the official trailer.…

Street Fighter X Tekken Review

By Jason Matthew
It’s a good time to be a fighting game enthusiast. Whether your addiction is King Of Fighters, Tekken, SoulCaliber, Street Fighter, or Marvel Vs. Capcom, store shelves have been packed to the brim with fighters, and as a result we’ve…

Street Fighter X Tekken Now Available

By Jason Matthew
Capcom has announced that Street Fighter X Tekken® is now available in North America for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game will see release on Windows PC in May, and a PlayStation Vita version will be available this…