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Nintendo: Down for the Count?

By Julian Titus
You may have caught my last few articles talking about my favorite games for the Super Nintendo. That was a magical time for me in gaming, and it reminded me of a time when Nintendo could do no wrong. 20…

Top Ten SNES Games Part 2

By Julian Titus
Click here to view part 1!   And without further ado, here is part two of our Top Ten SNES Games. Let’s get to it, shall we?   5. Chrono Trigger    Top Ten SNES Games Chrono CrossTop Ten SNES Games Chrono Cross   The fact that Chrono Trigger only appears…

No Love For Nintendo

By Ridley
Why the gaming industry needs to appreciate the Big N.   Nintendo is a curious company. For decades, the magicians in Kyoto have managed to supply us with lovable characters of Disney-esque proportions, placed them inside wonderous and fantastical worlds,…