Supernatural Season 9 Predictions

Supernatural Season 9 Predictions

0 By Kayla Herrera

Supernatural Season 9 debuts this October on the CW. Here are our predictions.


We left Sam and Dean Winchester in the midst of a crisis in Supernatural Season 8 back in May. Just when we thought Sam and Dean had been through enough, with searing trips to Hell and unforgettable stays in Purgatory, the duo finds themselves in a different bind.


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According to Spoiler TV, Supernatural Season 9 makes its debut on Oct. 15 this year. It was initially believed that the title of the debut episode would be “Devil May Care,” but producer Jim Michaels has tweeted that this information is false.


Season 9 promises an introduction of a number of new hunters that join the fight with Sam and Dean. One such hunter who has already been named, Tracy, stars as an attractive, hardcore hunter. Another hunter, Irv, makes his debut as an old friend of the Winchesters. These characters have not yet been cast though. Misha Collins (Castiel) will be returning as a series regular again rather than intermittently appearing in episodes.


Word is that Curtis Armstrong, who plays Metatron, will most likely make a return as well as Mark Sheppard, who plays Crowley.


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In Season 9, I think we can expect a new battle and a new mess to clean up alongside the seemingly infinite fight with Crowley. I so badly want Supernatural to go back to the individual supernatural cases around the states with a number of different creatures and entities, but I think the series is nearing an end and the over-arching story is continuing to take hold. There are individual cases thrown in sometimes, but it seems they are more focused on the fight with Crowley and the tablets and the fate of the world in good versus evil. My biggest question is, what is the true state of Sam? I hardly believe they would kill him off, but after the trials to close the gates of Hell, Sam took a turn for the worse and I just wonder how they will play that out. Will he continue to hobble around below a healthy level like he has been, coughing up blood? As a diehard fan from the beginning, I am sure Supernatural Season 9 will bring the same thrills it always does, and I truly hope this isn’t the last season. Jensen Ackles (Dean) and Jared Padalecki (Sam) have agreed to return for seasons 9 and 10, so then we have to wonder, is Season 10 the final season?


You can watch Supernatural on Tuesdays this Fall on the CW.


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