Superman #2 Review – The New 52

Superman #2 Review – The New 52

0 By Julian Titus

Superman #2

Written by George Perez

Art by Jesus Merino


I think I’ll spotlight another Superman title in this batch of New 52 comics, since I’ll probably be talking about the Batman titles quite a bit moving forward. I actually enjoy Superman quite a bit. Perez is a bit too wordy for his own good, and some of Superman’s dialogue feels a bit forced and overwrought, but there are things in this series that I really like. Even though this book takes place now (as opposed to Action Comics being set 5 years ago), the character of Clark Kent still feels a little awkward and uncomfortable in his own skin. It goes a long way to humanizing Superman, and that’s something that I’ve always felt was missing from the series. Issue #2 sees Superman fighting yet another alien creature, only this one is somehow visible to everyone except the man from Krypton. He has to depend on the help of humans to fight back, and that made for an interesting handicap for the battle. As with the fire creature in issue #1, the alien speaks in a language Superman doesn’t understand, with the exception of the word “Krypton”. The plot thickens, and I enjoy the fact that this felt like a classic comic adventure from the 80s or 90s, before the shift to the 6-issue story arc that fits into a trade paperback so easily.


Jesus Merino is another new artist to me. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been away from comics for so long, but there’s a fresh feeling to these new books, as if these artists are new and eager to show off what they can do.