Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Review

Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Review

0 By Jason Matthew

A lot of noise has been made recently about Capcom’s tactics regarding paid DLC for their games. The latest turmoil was over the fact that 12 extra characters were found on Street Fighter X Tekken‘s retail disk, but would require a paid DLC to unlock them. Gamers’ frustration is understandable, despite the fact that Street Fighter X Tekken is a great game, which we gave a 4.5/5 in our review.



Looking past the controversy, how does Street Fighter X Tekken’s DLC fare? Is the extra cost justifiable? It’s subjective. If you played the hell out of the game upon release, and mastered every character, this DLC will give you plenty of extra game time. Or, if you haven’t yet picked up a copy, you can get the retail game plus the DLC for roughly $40-$50. For $20, you get 12 new characters, bringing the game’s roster to a respectable 50 characters, more if you have the PlayStation 3 version.


Street Fighter X Tekken DLC 1


In this Street Fighter X Tekken DLC, each side gets 6 characters, with Street Fighter‘s clan getting Blanka, Final Fight‘s Cody and Guy,Third Strike‘s Dudley and Elena, and Alpha‘s Sakura. The Tekken roster is fleshed out with Bryan Fury, Jack-X, Lei Wulong, Lars Alexandersson, Christie Monteiro and Alisa. Bottom line, most of these characters are quite fun to play as, and they are all pretty well balanced. Bryan Fury seems a bit overpowered at the moment though. Christie’s super fast Capoeira style is quite refreshing, and anyone who played Street Fighter 3 will know Elena has a style all her own. Each new character has their own cinematics and ending in Arcade mode, as well. The DLC also brings new titles for the hardcore players to unlock.


Street Fighter X Tekken DLC 2


Many players out there have probably already made up their minds about whether or not to purchase this DLC, but to those who are on the fence, I have to admit that this DLC offers up a sizeable amount of extra gameplay to Street Fighter X Tekken fans. $20 may seem a bit steep, but it could be worse- BlazBlue players know what I’m talking about.