Steven Slate Drums – Terry Date Drums Expansion Review

Steven Slate Drums – Terry Date Drums Expansion Review

0 By Jason Matthew

Product: Steven Slate Drums – Terry Date Drums Expansion

Price: $199 (Currently on sale for $99)

Company: Steven Slate Drums



Terry Date is one of the most respected recording engineers in the rock and hard rock genres, delivering incredible mixes for bands like Pantera, Deftones, Staind, Soundgarden, and more. Now he’s teamed up with Steven Slate (of Slate Digital and Steven Slate Drums) to bring us an incredible arsenal of mix-ready drum samples in the Terry Date Drums expansion for SSD and Trigger.



As soon as you load up Terry Date Drums, the first thing you’ll notice is that these samples will cut right through even the densest of hard rock and metal mixes. All of the ten included kits feature that signature cracky punch that you’ll hear on all of Terry Date’s records. You’ll hardly need any post-processing to get these sitting great in a mix, and the room sounds amazing – different from any of the previous Slate packs. Recording the drums at the famous HENSEN B Studio lends these samples a unique vibe that just instantly brings the kits to life. Besides the fact that these were recorded and processed by Terry Date himself, another main selling feature of this expansion is that it features the famous Deftones “White Pony” snare – the drummer of the band was cool enough to lend the actual snare drum that was recorded for that album. As expected, it sounds spectacular.



There are nine kicks included in this pack, as well as seven snares and one set of four toms (I reviewed the Trigger version, which does not come with cymbals). While some of the presets may sound a bit similar (though they all sound amazing), the samples can all be mixed and matched to create some pretty unique tones. If you record or mix hard rock and metal, I highly recommend picking up the Terry Date Drums expansion – these are easily some of the best drum samples I’ve ever heard in my life.