Splinter Cell Blacklist – New Trailer

Splinter Cell Blacklist – New Trailer

0 By Jason Matthew

 Check out a brand new trailer for Splinter Cell Blacklist, focusing on Sam Fisher’s stealth tactics.


Ubisoft has released a brand new Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer, focusing on Sam Fisher’s stealthiness. You’ll see Sam hiding in shadows, stalking his enemies and dispatching them with expert precision. The game puts players back in Sam’ shoes and goggles to stop an international terrorist group behind a series of escalating attacks on U.S. assets. Sam will work with the newly formed Fourth Echelon unit to stop these attacks at any means necessary.



Splinter Cell Blacklist will be available on August 20th. For more information on the game, check out  splintercell.com and follow on Facebook at facebook.com/splintercell.


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