Splinter Cell Blacklist – Invisible Trailer

Splinter Cell Blacklist – Invisible Trailer

0 By Jason Matthew

Check out an action-packed new trailer for Ubisoft’s new stealth-action game Splinter Cell Blacklist.


Ubisoft has released a cool new trailer for Splinter Cell Blacklist, showcasing some of the stealth-based gameplay and co-op action in the upcoming title. In the game, Sam Fisher is tasked with putting an end to The Blacklist, the criminals behind a series of escalating attacks against the United States.



Splinter Cell Blacklist brings back the heralded multiplayer Spies Vs. Mercs gameplay mode, and also introduces a new feature called Killing In Motion, allowing players to take down multiple enemies in one fell swoop. Special features have also been added into the Xbox 360 version (Kinect support) as well as the Wii U port (touchscreen interface capabilities). The game will be available in the U.S. on August 20th.


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