SkyDrift DLC Review- Extreme Fighters Pack and Gladiator Multiplayer Pack

SkyDrift DLC Review- Extreme Fighters Pack and Gladiator Multiplayer Pack

0 By Jason Matthew

Digital Reality just unleashed two new DLC packs for its awesome arcade flight combat game SkyDrift. If you missed our review, you can check it out here. The Extreme Fighters Pack grants you access to three powerful new planes- the Vanguard, the Sparrow X1 and the Triwing Vintage, and you can download it on Playstation Network or Xbox LIVE Arcade for $1.49.



The new planes will certainly give you a decisive edge over the competition, especially in the new Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes included with the Gladiator Multiplayer Pack, available for $4.99. These modes are extremely fun, and you get six new arenas to battle in, including Warfactory, U.F.O. and Scrapyard. As with the base game, these levels are absolutely gorgeous, and it’s easy to be distracted by the beautiful scenery until you realize a homing missile is on your tail. They are also well designed; there’s plenty of caverns to duck into to dodge missiles, and the arenas are large enough to create separation between you and your pursuers when you need it most.


The new planes have a solid amount of armor, which is vital in the Deathmatch arena, where you’ll be dodging all manner or shockwaves, machine gun fire, missiles, mines, and more. I recommend the Vanguard for these modes- it’s powerful, well-armored and maneuverable enough. SkyDrift’s multiplayer deathmatch modes just put a very creative spin on something that’s been done to death in many other games. It’s not always about who has the most heavily armored plane- a guy with a lightly armored but highly maneuverable fighter is plenty capable of winning in a dogfight. It takes strategic thinking to outlast your opponents, and every win is satisfying.



If you’ve conquered SkyDrift’s solo campaign already, you most likely very much enjoyed it. These DLC packs are absolutely worth the asking price if you’re a fan of SkyDrift, and especially multiplayer Deathmatch modes.


[easyreview title=”SkyDrift DLC Score”  cat1title=”Value” cat1detail=”The Extreme Fighters pack is worth the money if you want to have the edge against your opponents. The Gladiator Pack includes six new arenas and the new Deathmatch modes, and is incredibly fun. The new arenas are gorgeous and well designed, and if you’re a SkyDrift fan, you’ll get a lot out of it.” cat1rating=”4.5″  summary=” A must for fans of SkyDrift. You can get lost in the new Deathmatch modes for hours.”]