Show Review: Flogging Molly at Roseland Ballroom Feb 2nd, 2013

Show Review: Flogging Molly at Roseland Ballroom Feb 2nd, 2013

1 By Terrance Pryor

Flogging Molly sent NYC home to some drunken lullabies.


The 2013 edition of Flogging Molly‘s Green 17 tour made its way back to Roseland Ballroom over the weekend. The crowd eagerly waited to get inside from the chilly weather and grab a beer or two (or ten).



After the musical stylings of Dave Hause, U.K. folk group Skinny Lister greeted the crowd with an exhilarating performance. Co-vocalist Lorna Thomas was extremely cheerful in her first time performing in the Big Apple. Lorna managed to out-drink all of the gentlemen on stage (from the hugest white jug anyone has ever seen) and still gracefully pranced around. Michael Camino looked as if he was auditioning for Dancing with the Stars as he twirled his double bass around the stage ever-so-elegantly. “John Kanaka” got the biggest reaction from the crowd with it’s insanely catchy arena-ready chorus. The band even recruited some help from their friend Rosco who crowdsurfed while banging away at the drum. Actually, most of the band wound up making their way to the crowd towards the end of the set.


Avoid seeing Flogging Molly if you don’t fancy any of the following : beer, singalongs or the the inevitable combination of both. With The Who’s “Teenage Wasteland” playing in the venue, the band made their way to the stage performing the outro of the song which led to immense cheers. Flogging Molly opened their set with “Another Bag of Bricks” and the crowd got rowdy in no time flat. After “Revolution”, vocalist Dave King joked about not being there when performing at the same venue last year due to some bad sake. Dave gleefully raised his bottle of beer and said “I’ll stick to what I know”.


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Flogging Molly went back to the Drunken Lullabies record for a bit and jammed through the title track and “The Kilburn High Road”. Red and blue lights plastered the venue as Dave unleashed a bullhorn for the number “The Power’s Out”. The band decided to perform “This Present State of Grace” for the first time ever and dedicated it to New York City and New Jersey. Acknowledging the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Dave said that a tragedy like that could never take away one’s spirit.


Flogging Molly have always been huge supporters of the military, so when a soldier comes to see them perform, they have to show them love. Dave dedicated “Lightning Storm” to a soldier, whose last concert before heading overseas was this Flogging Molly concert. The brave man received the loudest ovation of the evening as chants of “USA” were almost deafening- and rightfully so. Dave also took a shot at Beyonce- stating that he didn’t lip sync when singing the National Anthem with his wife at the Red Wings game back in 2009. The band ended their set with “Seven Deadly Sins” but we all know how concerts work nowadays. For the encore, they dished out “Salty Dog” and “If I Ever Leave This World Alive” which got the crowd raising their cups and singing their hearts out.


Another Bag of Bricks
(No More) Paddy’s Lament
Selfish Man
The Heart of the Sea
Drunken Lullabies
The Kilburn High Road
Saints & Sinners
Requiem for a Dying Song
The Power’s Out
The Wanderlust
This Present State of Grace
A Prayer for Me in Silence
Tobacco Island
The Lightning Storm
Rebels of the Sacred Heart
Devil’s Dance Floor
So Sail On
Within a Mile of Home
What’s Left of the Flag
Seven Deadly Sins

Salty Dog
If I Ever Leave This World Alive