Show Review: Deftones at Wellmont Theatre – Mar. 10, 2013

Show Review: Deftones at Wellmont Theatre – Mar. 10, 2013

1 By Terrance Pryor

Deftones invaded Montclair, New Jersey.


You know what they say: “New Jersey is so nice, we have to play there twice!” Deftones and Periphery showed some love to Atlantic City prior to their Wellmont Theatre performance. The sold out crowd eagerly anticipated what was sure to be a headbanging extravaganza.


Maryland metal act Periphery spent the last few years on the road supporting fellow prog metal acts Dream Theater, Between The Buried and Me and Animals as Leaders. A group of eager fans made their way to the front early to show support for the rising act. Standing under flashing blood red lights, the band opened their set with the number “Ragnorak” from their latest album Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal. Vocalist Spencer Sotelo easily displayed a tremendous singing range going from hair raising growls in “Ragnarok” to letting his clean vocals take the wheel in “Scarlet”. The crowd really dug the band’s tight, progressive offering as metal horns and lighters increased with each song. While most of their set consisted of their latest album, Periphery did hit up material from their 2010 self titled debut, performing “Buttersnips” and ending their night with “Icarus Lives!”.


Show Review Deftones at Wellmont Theatre - Mar 10 2013


When it was time for Grammy award winning metal act Deftones to go on, the entire crowd pushed towards the stage in hopes of gaining a better view. The band stepped onto the stage around 9:00pm, staring at a crowd ready to ignite. When the main riff to “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)” hit, the crowd exploded on cue as mosh pits and crowd surfers were everywhere to be seen. Smiling from ear to ear, vocalist Chino Moreno was pretty much the proud ringleader for this madness as 2,000 people barked the line “I don’t care where just far away”. Deftones stuck with the Around the Fur album for a while, blazing through cuts “Lotion”, “My Own Summer (Shove It)” and “Lhabia” in succession.


One would think that the crowd would have died down for one of the lighter songs on the set. That wasn’t the case, as crowd surfers still made their presence felt during “Minerva”. Completely drenched in sweat, Chino seemed unaffected by the pulsating lights on stage as he prowled through Diamond Eyes tracks “Diamond Eyes”, “Rocket Skates” and “CMND/CTRL”. Deftones took some time to perform cuts from their latest album Koi No Yokan, kicking things off with slow grooving “Tempest” and hand-clapping their way to “Poltergeist”. The space rock number “Entombed” sounded quite enchanting live, with keyboardist Frank Delgado’s entrancing synth lines. In fact, the crowd pretty much stood still for the entire track to let the moment sink in.


Show Review Deftones at Wellmont Theatre - Mar 10 2013 2


After “Swerve City”, the band performed “Change (In The House of Flies)”, a track that Chino dedicated to founding bassist Chi Cheng, who is currently recovering from a 2008 car accident. After “Changes”, Chino joked about starting the show over again and bringing the crowd back to 1995. That was the year when Deftones debut album Adrenaline was released and the band wasted no time performing “Engine No. 9”. Vext vocalist Tommy Vext made a surprise appearance during “7 Words” but most of the crowd gave the towering vocalist blank stares. For the encore, the band rushed back on the stage to dish out “Nosebleed” which was a little too much for the moshpit at times. Deftones capped off the whole night performing “Root” which ended with Chino tackling bassist Sergio Vega to the ground and flinging his mic at drummer Abe Cunningham’s drumkit, a fitting ending for the madness that was seen at the Wellmont Theatre that night.



Periphery’s setlist

Luck as a Constant
Have a Blast
Facepalm Mute
Make Total Destroy
Icarus Lives!

Deftones’ setlist

Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
My Own Summer (Shove It)
Diamond Eyes
Rocket Skates
Swerve City
Change (In the House of Flies)
Engine No. 9
7 Words (with Tommy Vext)