Senses Fail – “Renacer” Album Review

Senses Fail – “Renacer” Album Review

0 By Terrance Pryor

Senses Fail return with their most impressive release yet.


New Jersey’s Senses Fail is a post-hardcore band that refuses to quit. If the wheels fell off, the band would probably just continue their journey on their feet. Since their formation back in 2002, the band has seen numerous fleeting trends in music and hasn’t buckled down to any of them. Senses Fail has toured numerous times all over the globe with over one million combined record sales. Now, they’re back with their latest effort, Renacer.


Senses Fail - -Renacer- Album Review


Renacer means “to be reborn” in Spanish, and indeed, Senses Fail felt that a catharsis was in order. For their new record, the band decided to change things up by bringing in Far guitarist Shawn Lopez (Deftones, Whitechapel) as a producer instead of Brian McTernan who worked on their last three records. The end result? Just think The Fire on steroids, with some Thrice and Poison The Well thrown in the mix.



With the title track taking the first swing, Senses Fail simply blow the roof off the joint with pulsating guitars and vocalist Buddy Neilsen effortlessly switching back and forth between gut wrenching yells and melodies that will cause massive singalongs. While the song is something completely different for Senses Fail, “Mi Amor” could easily be mistaken for an Ill Nino B-side. Standout track “Closure/Rebirth” features some mesmerizing guitar parts intertwined with Buddy harmoniously singing the phrase, “Let it go”. “Glass” is an impressive number that’s reminiscent of Poison The Well (Versions era) while closing track “Between The Mountain and the Sea” finds Buddy questioning the listener about facing the future head-on (“What are you gonna do when everything you love is taken right away from you/ What are you gonna do when the person that you thought you were is not the person you knew?) before proclaiming “You’ve got nothing to lose”.


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Renacer is an album that will surely turn heads. Fans of the band (along with haters and former fans) will be shocked, intrigued and simply blown away by the band’s fresh, new direction. With Renacer, Senses Fail have shown everyone that they’re not going away any time soon. ┬áThe album drops on March 26th via Staple Records.



You can purchase Renacer on Amazon here.