Scrooge McDuck Returns In DuckTales Remastered

Scrooge McDuck Returns In DuckTales Remastered

0 By Jason Matthew

 The NES classic returns after more than twenty years in DuckTales Remastered.


Capcom has announced that developer WayForward is bringing the Nintendo Entertainment System classic platformer DuckTales back in glorious high definition. The team behind DuckTales Remastered has recreated and elaborated upon the level designs from the 8-bit 1989 version, while re-drawing all of the game’s artwork and sprites in HD.



Not only have all the game’s assets been lovingly re-created in a style more representative of the Disney cartoon of the same name, but the levels have been re-envisioned to further enhance and update the gameplay for modern audiences. Beyond that, all of the surviving voice talent from the Disney Afternoon TV series has been brought back together for the first time in years for this remake. Even Alan Young, who’s voiced Scrooge McDuck in every game, movie and TV show since 1983, is back to reprise his role.


DuckTales Remastered - Castle StrangeDuck


DuckTales Remastered will feature updated controls, additional areas, a Duckburg museum to track your progress, and remixes of the 8-bit classic’s tunes. Look for the game this summer on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and the Wii U e-Shop.