Saving Yello- App Review

Saving Yello- App Review

0 By Jason Matthew

Saving Yello, developed by Dreamfab, is a new physics-based game for iOS. The premise is simple enough: you play as the eponymous Yello, who has been thoroughly abused by his 7 year old owner, Mathilda. She’ll dump him out of his fishbowl at the beginning of every level, and you need to help him find his way back home. You’ll be able to exact a little revenge along the way, destroying Mathilda’s dolls, stuffed animals and building blocks for points. The goal is to get Yello back into his bowl, and trash her room as much as possible, before time runs out.



If you manage to destroy 3 similar objects, like 3 dolls or teddy bears, you’ll get a combo bonus. The game feels very similar to Angry Birds; you pull on Yello’s tail to launch him into objects and towards his goal, while causing destruction. The physics and graphical style evoke Angry Birds to a tee. Still, I can see why companies are going for this style of gameplay, as Angry Birds is probably the most popular app on the App Store. Saving Yello does have enough small differences to make it stand on its own, however. You’ll find power ups that can set Yello on fire, make him freeze everything he touches, or explode for extra destructive bonuses.



Dreamfab has done a great job with the game’s visual style. Yello is very well animated, and his expressions are often humorous when you throw him in harm’s way. The sound is also well done, and everything contributes to the game’s “cute” vibe. For the achievement junkies out there, there are plenty of them here to keep you busy, with Game Center support. Overall, for 99 cents this is a tough title to beat for quick, on the go fun.



[easyreview title=”Saving Yello Score” cat1title=”Graphics” cat1detail=”Beautifully animated, with a great cartoon style. Yello is very expressive, and the physics are well done.” cat1rating=”4.5″ cat3title=”Gameplay” cat3detail=”Reminiscent of Angry Birds, but throws a few new elements into the mix to keep things interesting.” cat3rating=”4.0″ summary=”A fun, addictive game that’s easy to recommend, with good replay value and Game Center support.”]