Rocksmith 2014 – Session Mode Trailer

Rocksmith 2014 – Session Mode Trailer

0 By Jason Matthew

Ubisoft has released a brand new trailer for Rocksmith 2014, showing off Session Mode, a new groundbreaking feature and music learning tool.


Session Mode allows users to play with any type of band in any style they want, in any scale. A virtual band will follow along with you at any tempo, and you’ll learn what notes fit best with any given backing arrangement. The band will even adapt to your playing style – for instance the drums will play lightly and relaxed during calm sections, and hit heavy and loud during faster, more intense sections. Virtual bass, keyboards, and guitars can also follow along, all keeping the rhythm and intensity that you’ve set forth. 75 virtual instruments in total are included, and can all be individually mixed with volume and pan sliders. Having a virtual band behind you encourages improvisation, teaching users not only how to properly play a guitar but how to write music as well. A Missions mode is built into Session Mode to allow users to sharpen their skills over time. This awesome new mode can also be played with a friend in multiplayer, and is a far more comprehensive teaching tool than playing to backing tracks or a metronome.



Jerry Cantrell, vocalist and lead guitarist for Alice in Chains says, ““Rocksmith 2014’’s new session mode feature is one of the most innovative music technologies in recent history and gives you the experience of playing with a real band that actually adapts to you.””


As with the previous version, Rocksmith 2014 Edition allows players to plug in any real bass or guitar instrument to their PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC or Mac platform and start jamming and learning. The game will launch on October 22, 2013.