Review: Hot Toys Naked Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

Review: Hot Toys Naked Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

0 By Jason Matthew

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Model: Hot Toys Video Game Masterpiece Series Naked Snake – Sneaking Suit Version – MGS 3

Price: $214.99

Company: Hot Toys



I’ve long marveled at the incredible likenesses that Hong Kong-based company Hot Toys has managed to produce. When I finally got my hands on one of their newest productions, the Hot Toys Naked Snake (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater) sixth scale figure, I was utterly blown away at the intricate detail and superbly rendered, hand-painted head sculpt. Usually marketing materials greatly exaggerate a figure’s quality, but it’s obvious that Hot Toys puts a lot of effort into making sure their final figures live up to the prototype photography. As a huge Metal Gear Solid fan, I know what Snake is supposed to look like, and this figure is completely unmatched – the resemblance is uncanny. Hands down, this is the greatest Metal Gear Solid figure ever produced thus far.


Hot Toys Naked Snake Sneaking Suit Metal Gear Solid 1

This Snake figure is meticulously detailed, from the crevices in his face, to the lettering and stitching on his suit, to the split ends on his mullet!


For the uninitiated, or those who are confused by Metal Gear Solid’s insanely complex timeline and story, this figure is of Naked Snake, later known as Big Boss after the events of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. He is the original Snake that was later cloned unwillingly, producing, among others, Metal Gear Solid’s Solid Snake and Liquid Snake. He’s a chain-smoking elite soldier with a roguish charm, a real ladykiller and a complete and utter badass to boot. He loves wearing camouflage, bandanas and crocodile hats, he sports a mean mullet and he finds inner peace inside a cardboard box. He’s saved the world from nuclear armageddon and demonic cave demons numerous times.


Hot Toys Naked Snake Sneaking Suit Metal Gear Solid 2

I’m not sure what the plastic wrapping around the midsection is for, but I was hesitant to remove it.


The awesome MGS3-themed outer box has a magnetic fold that opens up, I assume for showing off the figure, but these guys don’t look very impressive all bunched up in their protective cases. They’re obviously packed for function, not fashion – Hot Toys wants to ensure that the figure arrives in the best condition possible just in case it’s delivered by Ace Ventura. The inner fold has a picture of Naked Snake and a bit of a bio, and I liked how the upper tabs of the box have the trademark Metal Gear Solid exclamation points.


Hot Toys Naked Snake Sneaking Suit Metal Gear Solid 3

It comes with an actual mini cardboard box! The only thing better would be if it shipped in a life-size cardboard box.


When you take Snake out of his initial box, there’s a few layers of plastic which hold his many accessories – including many of the guns and items he acquired in the game, such as the EZ Gun, M1911A1 pistol with suppressor, machine guns, and even some grenades, knives, rations and binoculars. The attention to detail is truly astounding, from the pouch in Snake’s belt that houses an actual water canteen, to the extra magazines, to the fact that the M60 can be opened up to reveal the bullets inside. I was almost surprised that the ration didn’t come with a bite of actual food in it. There’s also extra sets of hands for holding the various accessories, and even a cardboard box that he could, theoretically, fit inside, although I didn’t try this as the figure does not have great articulation due to the restrictive leather-esque suit. That said, he looks so damn awesome in the suit that I, personally, am more than willing to trade a bit of articulation in return.


Hot Toys Naked Snake Sneaking Suit Metal Gear Solid 4

Yes, I know Snake would never dual-wield weapons, but it made for a cool photo.


As this is my first Hot Toys figure, and since I have been known to rip things apart accidentally, I was afraid to test the limits of Naked Snake’s flexibility. The suit is so ridiculously detailed and intricately sewn together than I was wary of tearing it or ripping off an arm, although honestly the figure feels quite durable and weighty.



As you can probably tell by now, I am overjoyed with the way that the Hot Toys Naked Snake figure turned out, and I think I speak for Metal Gear Solid fans everywhere in saying that I truly appreciate the love and care that was obviously put into this creation. MGS creator and director Hideo Kojima is a man known for his attention to detail, and I think even Kojima-san himself would be hard pressed to find many faults with this masterpiece.


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