Review: Astro A40 Gaming Headset

Review: Astro A40 Gaming Headset

2 By Jessica Winkler

The Astro A40 Gaming Headset is comfortable even after extended use, sounds great, and is durable.


When it came time to purchase a new headset, (I’d been degraded to using iPod earbuds and a desktop mic I found in our basement, possibly from ’95), I asked around my circle of gamer friends for suggestions. The Astro Gaming A40 Audio System caught my attention. I’m primarily a PC gamer, but I do enjoy console gaming as well. The idea that I could use the same headset for my PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, not to mention a standard headphone jack for my iPod, was exciting to me.


Aside from a detachable boom mic, the Astro A40’s also boast the Astro Quick Disconnect Cable System, which means you can switch between the dual-jack PC connector with volume control, and the cable with the standard headphone jack. To round out the sweetness, it all comes in a handy travel case which is perfect for transporting your Astro A40’s to and from events.


Astro A40 Headset 1

The most important aspect of any headset is sound quality, both incoming and outgoing. In this department, the A40’s are definitely noteworthy. The microphone quality is clear, and there is little to no feedback or background noise. Once you adjust the microphone to where you want it, it won’t slip or move. With previous headsets, that was a problem I always seemed to have.


I’d been waiting to play Amnesia for probably two months before I got my Astro A40 headset. To experience the full “Oh snap, this is the scariest game ever!” glory of Amnesia, I wanted to be able to fully immerse myself in the game. And boy, did it work! The Astro A40’s worked beautifully for cutting down outside noise. If you want proof, ask any of my viewers. I absolutely give credit to my headset for making me more afraid than when I was eight and my uncle told me the ghost of my dead grandpa haunts their house.


Gamers wearing the Astro A40s


To be sure, the price tag was a bit daunting at first glance. The wired Astro A40’s ring in at $199.95 for the headset alone, and if you intend to use it for console gaming, the mixamp is extra. PC gamers can do without the mixamp, but the extra features the mixamp offers are too good to pass up. On a team? You can link multiple mixamps together with ZERO lag. After considering the fact that it was the only headset I’d need between all my systems, I decided it was worth the money I’d have to shell out.


The only downside I have with my Astro A40’s is that my consoles are further away from where I sit than the cord allows. But if you run into this problem, Astro offers an extra long cable (10 feet) for $20. Or you could avoid that problem altogether and get the wireless headset for more money. The headset comes in white or black, but they have limited releases of red, blue, and green as well. To further customize your headset, Astro also gives the option to design your own custom speaker tags.


Nightelyn's Astro A40 Custom Headset


Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my Astro A40’s. They are comfortable even after extended use, sound great, and are durable. The detachable cords are great if you’re clumsy like me and trip over cables left and right and ever need to replace them (They are holding up wonderfully so far). If you have the money to spend, I definitely recommend them for any gamer.