Resistance 3 Demo Impressions (From Battle: LA Blu Ray)

Resistance 3 Demo Impressions (From Battle: LA Blu Ray)

2 By Jason Matthew

Just got in the mail today the Battle: LA Blu Ray disk. I’ve played through the included Resistance 3 demo. So what did I think of my time with the upcoming PS3 exclusive shooter?

To be honest, I’m not very impressed yet. The entire demo plays out on a boat with you playing as Capelli from the last game, riding along with Dr. Malikov. It’s a very slow demo, with the boat slowly winding around a river. Your biggest opponent for the first 5 or so minutes are blocks of ice when the boat gets stuck on them. After that it finally picks up a bit, and you fight the familiar Grims and other old friends from Resistance 2.

I’m not one to usually bash a game for graphics, but the visuals on this seemed to take a step back from Resistance 2, which came out in 2008. The colors were severely muted, the resolution looked sub-HD, there appeared to be hardly any anti-aliasing, and there were blurry and pixelated textures everywhere. The lighting was also sub-par.

However, Insomiac head Ted Price tried to explain himself a bit about the complaints on the demo.

“Keep in mind this is linear, moody, environmental story piece. It’s also really old code as it had to get on the Battle: LA Blu-ray months ago. I still think if you turn up the sound and turn off the lights, you’ll have a good time and get a great feel for the tone of R3.”

It’s just a bit strange, as the pictures released quite a while ago for this game looked a hell of a lot better, as you can see in the comparison shots below.

Resistance 3 Battle Of LA Demo Screens


Resistance 3 Media Screens Released Months Ago