Real Life Deadpool Helping Citizens In Washington

Real Life Deadpool Helping Citizens In Washington

0 By Jason Matthew

Some guy has taken up the mantle of Deadpool on the mean streets of Wenatchee, Washington. He says he is inspired by the Marvel Comics character ,“because [he] allied with his humor and his ideal that what once was bad can become something better and good … And not his outlook on heroism or his methods.”


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This Deadpool is decidedly different than his comic book counterpart, as he does not gun down criminals while quipping funny pop culture references, but rather helps old ladies by handing them umbrella in the rain, and …possibly mowing people’s lawns.

“The World wondered if he would mow someone’s lawn. The answer was a resounding, “Maybe.”

Deadpool will be walking the streets once a week , seeking out people who need his help. However he will not be seeking out crime to stop, as he does not want to take the law into his own hands.

“… Should I witness a crime in progress or one that just occurred, I will do my civil duty by calling the police and placing the criminal under citizen’s arrest until the police have arrived. I only mean to help the community, not to stir up more trouble than I seek to relieve. The police have enough trouble without a superhero taking the law into his own hands.”