Rage PC Version Patched

Rage PC Version Patched

2 By Jason Matthew

id Software has finally patched their newest game Rage. Now you can adjust graphics settings such as v-sync, texture cache and anisotropic filter. The patch also fixes the many stability and crashing issues.


The Steam update page shows the following details:


“Unfortunately, it is not possible to anticipate all possible graphics driver issues in combination with unique end user hardware and software configurations. For this reason RAGE does not automatically increase video/graphics settings as this could result in negative side effects on specific hardware and software configurations. The original release of RAGE does not expose many video/graphics options for people to tweak because some of these settings, although desirable from a quality perspective, simply will not work on specific configurations either due to hardware limitations and/or driver bugs.”


If only the game was released like this, it might not have affected our review of Rage.